Colorado Couple Offer To Buy Sheriff’s Car On Craigslist With Weed

by greenrush
sheriff's car on craigslist

A Colorado couple has been arrested for attempting to buy the sheriff's car on craigslist with marijuana. Earlier this year, Jason Mikesell, ex-Sheriff of Teller County, Colorado wanted to sell his vehicle, so, as you do, he posted an ad for the car on Craigslist.


The ad went out innocently enough but Mikesell didn’t expect to get the quite the offer he did. Soon enough, the ex-sheriff got a text from a prospective buyer, with an offer he couldn’t ignore. And not for the reasons you’d imagine. In exchange for the sheriff's car on craigslist, the interested buyer offered four pounds of “homegrown black market” marijuana. Emphasis on the ‘black market’.


Needless to say, 39-year-old Shawn Langley from Vail, Colorado certainly didn’t realize it was the sheriff’s vehicle he was bidding on otherwise he might not have made such a blatantly illegal offer. According to police, Langley even sent pictures of his “homegrown” product and boasted about its quality to the sheriff. Yes, we’re squirming in our seats just thinking about it.


Of course, Mikesell jumped on the opportunity to nab Langley and agreed to set up an exchange.


On November 28, around 7:30p.m., Langley and his accomplice, a woman named Jane Cravens, went to Woodland Park, Colorado, where they planned to swap the cannabis for the sheriff’s car. As you can image, that isn’t exactly how things ended up going down. The two were ambushed and arrested by the Teller County Sheriff’s Office and Metro Vice Narcotics Unit. They were both then taken to the Teller County Jail and booked on narcotics charges.


As for the four pounds of supposedly incredible homegrown marijuana? Well, it was seized by authorities along with the suspects’ car.


Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, however, residents over the age of 21 are only allowed to grow six plants per person. The state has invested a lot of money into investigating black market marijuana sales with Governor John Hickenlooper signing a law earlier this year to push around $6 million in marijuana tax revenue towards investigation cannabis crime.


You know what they say; you can’t always trust people online. Especially on Craigslist.