Watch A Cop Give Teen Push Ups Instead Of Jail Time For Smoking Weed

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A police officer in Arlington, Texas has just made headlines after he caught a teen smoking weed outside of a movie theatre and decided to give the young man an alternative to jail time.


Eric Ballwas was off-duty when he caught the teen smoking weed while his mom was still in the movie theatre. Instead of arresting him, or worse, the officer offered the young man the option of doing 200 push-ups.


A woman named Raiza Paradez caught the whole thing on camera. You can hear her in the video saying, "see, while we think the police are so pad, they're not all bad." She later posted the video to Facebook with the intention of showing cops in a more humane light than they've recently been seen. She wrote, "big UP’s to the Arlington Police Officer that made the young black guy that decided to smoke weed on the movie theater parking lot to do push-ups then take him to jail or shoot him just Cuz.” However, the video quickly went viral, sparking some concerns that the officer in question might get into trouble if the video was seen by his superiors. The video has since gained over a quarter of a million views.


It seems Paradez doesn't have to be too worried as statements given by the police department to the local news suggest that Ballwas' decision to give the teen push ups was, in fact, well received by his superiors. When asked about why Ballwas did what he did, Lt. Christopher Cook said the officer got the inspiration from his football coaches at school who would dish out similar punishments.


This isn't the first time we've seen police 'leniency' when it comes to cannabis. As more states introduce laws legalizing marijuana in some shape or form, police action related to the plant will likely come under closer scrutiny. Nevertheless, with a disproportionate amount of people still in jail for marijuana-related arrests, we can say this particular kid got off lightly.


You can watch the full video here:

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