5 Tips To Help Your Dispensary Earn Customer Loyalty

by greenrush
dispensary customer loyalty

The cannabis industry is becoming ever more competitive. With more states constantly changing their stance on cannabis, it’s becoming harder and harder for dispensaries to grow and build a loyal base of customers. Luckily, there are many simple ways to gain loyal customers at your store today. Below are 5 simple ways you can help your dispensary gain customer loyalty.


1. Reward Your Regular Customers With A Loyalty Program

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One of the best ways to build customer loyalty at your dispensary is through a rewards program. This tried and tested method has been used by businesses across all kinds of industries, and cannabis businesses are starting to jump on the bandwagon, too.


By rewarding your repeat customers with dispensary deals, discounts, or other premiums, you’ll encourage these customers to continue doing business with you. It also encourages your existing customers and patients to refer new customers to your business in the future.


Try to encourage your regular customers by rewarding them for customer referrals, offering cash back credits, or through loyalty cards that build up to a discount after a certain amount of purchases.


2. Create A Sense Of Community

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This is a powerful, yet often overlooked way to build customer loyalty. Remember, the word community carries a lot of weight in the world of weed. Being such a niche market that has been heavily suppressed for such a long time, the cannabis community (including customers, patients, and businesses) is very tight-knit. If you can encourage a healthy, community vibe at your dispensary, you’re off to a great start to gaining more customer retention.


There are many ways to help create a sense of community at your dispensary and we can’t list them all here. However, some great places to start include:


- Hosting events at your dispensary. Check out this article for tips on hosting awesome dispensary events.

- Using social media to constantly engage with existing and potential clientele/patients.

- Showing your passion for cannabis by sharing interesting, interactive content online.


3. Be An Expert

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Another great way for cannabis businesses to gain customer loyalty is by positioning themselves as experts in their fields. By positioning your company as an expert in the field of medical and/or recreational cannabis use, you can be sure to build a strong following of loyal customers.


That’s because, just like in any other industry, customers like to spend their money with people who know their stuff. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car from a dealership that doesn't seem to know anything about cars. The same goes for dispensaries; customers are much more likely to spend their money at dispensaries that can offer them reliable information about medical and/or recreational marijuana.


4. Use Automation

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Automation allows business to streamline their processes, offer better service, and interact more closely with their customers. And while the cannabis industry is still young, there are already a number of tech solutions out there to help your business automate its processes.


Our greenLabel program, for example, supplies cannabis businesses with the latest tech solutions to manage everything from their orders to their marketing strategy.


By taking care of simple and repetitive processes (like filling out order forms or gathering customer reviews), automation solutions like ours can help you and your staff focus on providing great service and working on new ideas to further grow your business.



5. Offer Top-Shelf Service

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We can’t stress this enough: Your prices, delivery speeds, or even the quality of your products are all worthless if you don’t offer great service at your dispensary.


Excellent customer service goes far beyond simply smiling at people as they walk through the door. It involves hiring knowledgeable and friendly budtenders, taking the time to get to know each and every customer/patient, understanding the different needs of the people you’re serving, and much more.


Offer a comprehensive service that puts your customer first and you’ll be on the fast track to outgunning your competition. For more tips on offering great customer service at your dispensary, make sure to check out this article on better budtending tips today.


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