These 5 Products From Exhale Med Center Will Elevate Your Consciousness

For all your medical cannabis needs, Exhale Med Center has a wide variety of products to keep you elevated this summer. From infused water to barbeque potato chips, here are 5 products that will elevate your consciousness!

Foria Suppositories

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Crafted especially for women, Foria Relief suppositories help maximize pain relief and relaxation. Cannabis plant medicine is a natural aid known to ease the symptoms of menstruation. There is no psychotropic, or high feeling, even though there is up to 60mg THC in each suppository. The 10mg of CBD will help with inflammation and nerve pain. The suppository will soothe spasms and cramps and the medicine targets the area in need of relief. With a holistic approach, women are experiencing elevated moods.

Through love and innovation, Foria is inspiring people to new levels of consciousness.  Exhale Med Center has your back with all the best medicine Cali has to offer!

Yummi Karma Medicated Potato Tortilla Chips

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Yummi Karma 50mg Chips are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and they have no MSG. Yummi Karma utilizes whole plant kief for their savory potato tortilla chips. There are 7 different savory flavors and each contains 50 mg THC per bag. There are 4 flavors in the potato chip variety: Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Pepper, Sriracha, and Barbecue whilst the tortilla chips come in Nacho Cheese, Salsa Picante, and Zesty Ranch.

The chips are cooked in safflower and sunflower oil, which is healthier than canola oil. To take it to the next level, this product is packaged in a nut free facility.

Yummi Karma cares about people and it shows in their delicious edible products.  If you need to elevate your good karma, stimulate your taste buds with medicated chips!  Grab a bag from Exhale Med Center today!

Habit Purified CBD Water

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Exhale Med Center has a big stash of medicated drinks that will keep you uplifted.  Habit CBD Water is a favorite among those looking to get “high-drated.” CBD allows you to stay focused and relaxed and each bottle contains the perfect amount to inspire happiness and peace, 50mg CBD. Take a bottle with you on a beautiful hike and allow gratitude to take over.

If you do an intense workout, the infused water will help calm muscle spasms and soothe inflammation. Habit CBD water is also packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes.  Fight cancer and anxiety with daily consumption of this sugar-free miracle drink.

Yoda OG Flower

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Yoda OG is an indica hybrid version of OG Kush. With an earthy citrus aroma, this medicine will inspire euphoria and happiness. Yoda OG will flow energy into your meditation routine while creating peace of mind. This indica dominant cannabis strain is perfect for a night of contemplation. Yoda says “Mind what you have learned. Save you it can.”

Kush strains are known to help people with insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. Don’t feel guilty about getting sucked into the couch, just enjoy the moment. If you want to use Yoda as a daytime strain, drink down a fresh glass of orange juice and let the flavor inspire energy.

Grown by Madcow Genetics, Yoda OG is only 10 bucks a gram so make sure you stock up at Exhale Med Center.

Korova 1:1 Vanilla Bean Cookies

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Korova is one of the cannabis industry’s pioneer brands. Korova is known for using distillate in their chocolate edibles, making them more potent then flower made edibles. The 1:1 Vanilla Bean Cookies come in a 10 pack that contains 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD. With equal amounts CBD to THC, this is the magic ratio that inspires amazing therapeutic effects on the human body. The CBD should balance out the cerebral effects of the THC, and we recommend starting out with just one cookie.

With an inspiring ingredient list of flour, sugar, cannabis, butter, eggs, vanilla bean paste, baking powder, sugar crystals, and salt, these cookies sure are tasty. They’re also a discreet way to get elevated on the run.  Pack a few Korova edibles for your next spontaneous journey. No matter what comes up, you are going to feel calm and happy.

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