Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Think Weed Is Morally Acceptable

by greenrush
gallup poll

A recent survey has revealed what Americans truly think about cannabis. A Gallup poll, released on Monday, found that 65% of Americans think weed is morally acceptable.


The poll asked just over 1,000 adults about their views on the morality of things such as alcohol and cannabis. Unsurprisingly, only 19% of those surveyed said they thought drinking alcohol was morally wrong. Alcohol has enjoyed wide acceptance as a part of life across the United States, despite the nation's prohibition era. Cannabis, on the other hand, remains federally illegal, though earlier polls have shown that a majority of Americans are in favor of legalization or, at least, decriminalization.

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This new survey provides insight into the growing trend towards cannabis legalization. It seems American morality just isn't concerned with cannabis as much as it used to be. In 2013, a Public Religion Research Institute survey found that just below half of Americans found it morally acceptable to smoke weed.


What is causing this shift in morality? Many are citing the involvement of leading lawmakers in the movement towards legalization. Earlier this year, top Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer pushed for a bill that would end cannabis prohibition in the United States. And Democrats aren't the only lawmakers getting involved. Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) joined the board of a top cannabis company this year, marking a sharp shift from his previously negative stance on cannabis.

gallup poll

The opioid crisis that has gripped the United States may also have some bearing on the nation's shift towards cannabis. As it becomes clear the devastating effects opioids can have, cannabis has become a viable alternative to these harmful and addictive drugs. Many are also seeking out the medicinal benefits of cannabis for a variety of conditions.


This new Gallup poll reflects a wider trend towards cannabis legalization in the United States. Granted, the nation has more road to travel before cannabis is descheduled, however, it seems America could be headed in the right direction.


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