Ganja & Candy: Marijuana Edibles

by greenrush
Marijuana Edibles

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding edibles over the past year. Edibles are often mentioned in the news when the latest 911 call of an overmedicated patient goes viral. However, marijuana edibles serve as a great alternative way to medicate with marijuana if done so properly. Not only should the labels on the edibles be taken into account, but the patient should also understand their own body's tolerance to THC.

While there are marijuana edibles created for patients with special needs, we will take a deeper dive into those later. The general market for edibles has also exponentially grown. Now you can find anything from gummy bears to cheese pizza! With so many edibles out on the market, how do you know the right one for you?


The Baker

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These aren't your typical baked goods that are made in a college dorm room and taste of leaves and stems. These are gourmet baked goods. Many brands--Butter Brothers, Korova, and 530 Edibles to name a few--are coming out with baked goods that are comparable to your grandma's cookies. Take a look at some of the baked goods that are carried by some of our partners.

The Butter Brothers are known for baking mouth-watering edibles with high THC concentrations. Their brownie contains 50mg of THC so you may want to take your time with this brownie unless you can tolerate a high dosage.

Korova also has some exceptionally delicious and fanciful marijuana edibles. Their Mint Dip edible is a double chocolate chip cookie dipped in minty goodness. As the saying goes, "big things come in small packages," and this little cookie is no exception to the rule -- each cookie packs 5 doses!

530 Edibles outdid themselves with their super scrumptious S'mores Bar. The S'mores Bar is layered with chocolate-y and marshmallow-y goodness, but be careful if you want to warm it up before consumption. Heating this s'more will cause you to feel the 70mg of THC more quickly.

The Sweet Tooth

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Madam Munchie and her macarons will add a splash of color to your world. These gourmet treats come in five different flavors -- hazelnut mocha, citrus almond, chocolate banana, pistachio, and grilled peanut butter and jelly -- and each macaron has an ideal dose of 20mg of THC.

Altai's Malt Ball Pips are the perfect candied alternative that will gratify your sweet tooth without the fear of over-medicating. Each ball contains 10mg of THC, so once you pop, the fun can stop whenever you want.

Last but definitely not least, we have Chefettes Gourmet's award winning Margarita Truffles. Those with a higher tolerance don't have to worry about knocking back a couple of these succulent treats since each truffle only contains 6mg of THC and 3mg of CBD. "Lightweights" can also enjoy one of these lime, tequila and sea salt infused truffles for dessert.


The Snacker

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Based in Oakland, CA, Auntie Dolores makes all of its marijuana edibles by hand. The Savory Pretzels, lightly sprinkled with salty goodness, are the perfect sugar-free snack. These tasty tidbits are not only good for the soul, but their vegan ingredients also make them good for the body. Each pack contains 120mg of THC and 12 doses. 

Korova White Cheddar Popcorn has become quite the popular snack among lovers of marijuana edibles. Each bag contains 300mg of THC which makes up 6 complete servings. This is a great snack to medicate and wind down with while watching a killer flick. Netflix and medicate, anyone?

Looking for a snack to go? As in to go to bed? Then The Bud Barber's OG Bar is the right snack for you. This crispy treat packs 120mg of THC but any hint of marijuana is hidden by its the perfect swirl of dark and white chocolate.

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