Gene Simmons Has Entered The Legal Weed Industry 

by greenrush
gene simmons

Rock n roll's most famous anti-drug crusader has changed his tune to the sound of sweet Mary Jane. Canadian cannabis and fertilizer company, Invictus, announced on Monday that KISS legend, Gene Simmons, will officially serve as their Chief Evangelist Officer.

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Gene Simmons' aversion to all things drug-related is well known. Throughout his career, the rock star has made it clear he favors a more traditional outlook when it comes to mind-altering substances. However, with the growing acceptance of cannabis sweeping North America, it seems even Simmons has had a change of heart.


As Chief Evangelist Officer, Simmons will be charged with building the Invictus brand. Canada is about to become a hub for the cannabis industry, with legalization set to plant its feet firmly in Canadian soil this fall, despite a number of roadblocks. Invictus chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dan Kriznic is a firm believer in Simmons' talents, both on and off stage.


"Gene Simmons is a branding and merchandising genius, who not only created one of the most iconic bands of all time but has spent decades building successful brands internationally in various industries," he said in a statement.


According to the same statement, Gene Simmons will be responsible for providing marketing counsel, serving as a media spokesperson and making public appearances.


Gene Simmons is no stranger to the business world. Away from his time spent with the legendary rock band, KISS, the star has been part of the hit reality show, 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels', and has created both a successful soda brand and, of course, the global restaurant chain, 'Rock & Brews'.


Whilst Simmons' leap into the cannabis world may come as a surprise to fans, Simmons has noted that his move was well thought out.


"Values and family are very important to me," he said, "and when I first connected with Dan and Invictus, I understood immediately that we enjoyed a shared passion for these key life foundations."


Cannabis has and continues to be widely de-stigmatized. Canada is set to legalize the plant later this year, and an increasing number of US states are putting measures in place to legalize, or at least heavily decriminalize, marijuana within their jurisdiction. An increasing number of business heavyweights are coming on board, including big names in the alcohol and tobacco industries. The cannabis market is booming and it seems Gene Simmons isn't the only one who's seen the value of this burgeoning industry.