German Authorities Burned A Truckload Of Weed To Heat Homes In Munich

by greenrush
truckload of weed

Stoners everywhere just let out a shriek of horror after reading that title. Unfortunately, you did read it correctly. German customs authorities finally came to a decision regarding a truckload of weed from Albania that they seized last year. It was one of the biggest cannabis seizures in recent history and contained 550 kilos of weed (that’s about 3.8 million joints, in case you were wondering). No, they didn’t hand out free joints left, right and center (why not, we’ll never know), instead, they set the whole thing on fire and it’s now heating the homes of the good people of Munich.


Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that the authorities incinerated the haul in a Munich-area power plant on Tuesday. “For us, it’s just garbage that needs to be destroyed,” customs spokesman Christian Schüttenkopf told SZ.


Yes, garbage.


Customs authorities found the truckload of weed when they stopped a Serbian truck last December on a highway near Nuremberg. The driver of the truck has remained in custody since the incident.


German authorities spent nearly a year drying the marijuana, testing it and attempting to trace its origins. With the conclusion of the investigation, it was time to get rid of it.


Armed customs workers donned masks so that they wouldn’t be recognized are were responsible for moving 499 plastic bags and 60 moving boxes all full of marijuana to the waste incineration plant. The pot was scorched at temperatures between 900 and 1,000 degrees Celsius to ensure that the weed would be able to power nearby homes but not get anyone high off the fumes.


The question we’re all asking is why? Although legal medical marijuana began in Germany in March, recreational cannabis use remains illegal in the country, if highly decriminalized. There was no information about the busted pot such as production history and origins which meant that it didn’t meet Germany’s strict standards. As such, authorities deemed it unfit for medical use and were left with no other option other than to destroy it.


Tragic as it may be to lose that much marijuana, at least the people of Munich get to say their homes are being fueled by pot power.