How to Get Cannabis Delivered in Oakland

by GreenRush

Oakland is a hell of a city: It’s home to the raiders, an incredible art scene and one of the most diverse medical marijuana delivery networks in California. And now, thanks to GreenRush’s partnership with dozens of dispensaries in the city, getting medical cannabis delivered in Oakland is now more diverse, efficient and quicker than ever.

Getting Cannabis Delivered in Oakland

Getting cannabis delivered in Oakland couldn’t be easier. In the GreenRush application, you can log on, browse dispensaries and have your medical marijuana delivered directly to your door. To get started, all you need is a valid medical marijuana recommendation – and if you’re unsure of how to get one, GreenRush can help your there, too. Get your official marijuana consultation for $39 here. Being fully legal, secure and 100% online, you can get approved for medicine within 20 minutes.

Then, all that’s left to do is to browse GreenRush’s extensive collection of medical marijuana dispensaries in Oakland and to order your cannabis directly from your phone. We’ll then take care of the rest: Your medicine will be brought directly to your door. All you’ve got to do is sit back, relax and wait for it to arrive.

How to get Cannabis delivered in Oakland

Cannabis Dispensaries that Deliver in Oakland

When it comes to getting your cannabis delivered in Oakland, GreenRush has teamed up with the best of the best to make it even easier for you to get your medicine. Out of the numerous dispensaries available in the city, only the best have made it on to our platform.

Trestl is one of GreenRush’s highest-quality partners. Tailored to cannabis connoisseurs and only delivering high-quality weed in Oakland and the surrounding area, the company is famous for their Trestl Box. Here, customers benefit from a bespoke, pre-defined package that includes everything patients need to administer their medicine, from the cannabis itself to grinders and other gadgets.

Cosmic Courier
Another one of GreenRush’s most popular partners for cannabis delivery in Oakland is Cosmic Courier. This female-run collective dispenses only the highest-quality flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and prerolls; all sourced from the finest, local farmers. With a phenomenal delivery record and a promise that all cannabis is pesticide-free, with Cosmic Courier, getting your cannabis delivered in Oakland comes with a firm guarantee that you’re receiving nothing but the finest medicine available.

Qipi Delivery
Qipi Delivery is another of GreenRush’s most popular dispensaries delivering cannabis in Oakland. Being family run, delivering a top-quality service is their highest priority, and thanks to Qipi's years in the industry, they're able to offer unique insight and tailored advice to any patient who needs it. They stock a variety of lab-tested flowers, edibles and concentrates, and even offer the latest accessories to help make administering your medicine as easy as purchasing it.

The above is not meant as an exhaustive list of cannabis dispensaries in Oakland. In fact, it barely scratches the surface. If you want cannabis delivered in Oakland, GreenRush is home to numerous options that will make getting your medicine delivered when you need it and where you need it easier than ever before.

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Cannabis delivered in Oakland