How To Get Cannabis Delivered in Sacramento

by greenrush
Cannabis delivered in Sacramento

Sacramento: It’s the Golden State’s capital city, located smack bang in one of the prettiest corners of the world. Sandwiched between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the picturesque Pacific Coast, the city is the perfect place to get away – and Sacramento’s weed dispensaries make it even easier. To get you your cannabis delivered in Sacremento, we’ve partnered with dozens of dispensaries making it easier than ever before for you to order weed online in Sacramento. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Get Cannabis Delivered in Sacramento


Getting cannabis delivered in Sacramento is easier than it’s ever been. Thanks to GreenRush being optimized to be used right there on your mobile phone, you can log on, browse the menu and have your weed delivered in sacramento in one hour or less.

All we need to see from you first is proof that you’re a California resident and a valid medical marijuana card or doctor’s recommendation. And if you don’t have an MMJ card yet, we can help you there, too.  Get your official marijuana consultation for $39 here. Being fully legal, 100% secure and totally online, get approved from your smart phone within 20 minutes. And remember, although cannabis is legal to possess and gift in California, a medical marijuana card is still required for purchase. Once you have been verified as a GreenRush patient member, you can order. Simply login to GreenRush, locate yourself, browse local dispensaries, and proceed to order your medicine!

Cannabis delivered in Sacramento

Cannabis Dispensaries in Sacramento

Patient to Patient

Patient to Patient is a forward-thinking non-profit collective that’s been one of the biggest names on the Sacramento cannabis dispensary scene for over four years. With a network of doctors and volunteers and over 3500 members locally, Patient to Patient delivers safe, reliable, and high quality medicine directly to your door. On their menu, browse over two-dozen flowers, a vast range of concentrates, a comprehensive range of edibles and prerolls, and even a bunch of gadgets.

Medicine 2 U

Medicine 2 U are a locally owned and operated Sacramento cannabis dispensary serving downtown and midtown Sacramento. Committed to offering quality products at fair prices, they stock an extensive range of flowers, concentrates, edibles and prerolls, and – due to their ever-expanding range of products – Medicine 2 U are always worth checking out on GreenRush.

Higher Class Delivery

Higher Class Delivery is a Sacramento weed dispensary committed to taking things ‘to a higher level’. They are all about the products they sell, and don’t charge and delivery fees or additional taxes for any of the services they offer. Their menu consists of a wide range of flowers and a wide selection of prerolls, including tobacco-free blunts.

The above is not meant as an exhaustive list of cannabis dispensaries in Sacramento. In fact, it barely scratches the surface. If you’d like to get a cannabis delivery in Sacramento, offers a vast array of partners that’ll make getting your medicine on demand easier than ever before.

Get Cannabis Delivered in Sacramento in Minutes

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