Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

by greenrush
Get your medical marijuana card online

Getting your medical marijuana card online couldn’t be easier these days. Not only is home to over 15,000 products, greenRush also doubles as your one-stop shop for getting your medical marijuana card online.  Today we'll be detailing that very process! Getting your medical marijuana card online in minutes!

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card Online


Truth is, getting your medical marijuana card online is quite simple with greenRush. Head over to Rush.MD and submit your application NOW! Upon submission you'll be connected with a certified California medical practitioner. Once verified and approved, your doctor's recommendation will be available for use immediately. As a verified patient you'll have the ability to browse the menus of a multitude of dispensaries and you can now order from up to two dispensaries at once!

Get your medical marijuana card online

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card Online 

So what does it take to get a medical marijuana card online?

It should be noted that the laws surrounding telemedicine vary state to state. If you're in California or Nevada all you need to get started are your legal identification documents. An ID, drivers license, or passport will suffice. 

When you sign up to get your medical marijuana card online you’ll be prompted to detail  your medical history as you would with any doctors visit. This information will help your doctor determine whether or not  you qualify for a medical marijuana card. You'll also need to provide copies of your identification documents.  Keep in mind, that in order to use your medical marijuana card you'll need to show proof of residency in most cases. This includes a state ID, bank statement, lease agreement, or a utility bill.

For example, you must be a California resident to use, so a medical marijuana card alone won't cut it. You'll need to show proof of residency. However, you could walk right thru the doors of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, Ca, and purchase your medicine, only needing to prove that you're a legal medical marijuana card holder.

The consultation. What's the appointment like?

The next step is the easiest, your virtual doctors appointment. Prior to actually meeting your doctor you'll need to install (you'll be prompted to) on your mobile device or computer. Zoom's video conference software serves as the trusted host for the consultation. Once you've installed Zoom, follow the link included in your email, connecting you and your doctor via video chat. From here, you'll have a brief wait as you would with any appointment, while your doctor prepares for you. 


Your doctor will ask you some simple questions about your symptoms, problems, family history and medicinal experience. They will also go ahead and consult with you on marijuana use best practices. This is simply to ensure that you know precisely what you’re doing when it comes to administering your medicine, especially for beginners.

Your Online Doctor’s Recommendation for Medical Marijuana

After you've finished your consultation, that's it! You're now a legal medical marijuana card holder. Check your email and be sure to print out your recommendation right away. Within 72 hours of your consultation you'll receive a hard copy in the mail, embossed, and signed by your doctor. Within 7-10 days after that you should receive your plastic ID card via mail. To visit most dispensaries you must possess and present a physical copy of your recommendation. To order using you'll only need to be verified as a patient/member once, after which you can order from any of our partners by simply logging in. 

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