#GoingGreen - Have Your Voice Heard This Election 2016

by greenrush

Tuesday, November 8th is going to be monumental. It's Election Day, and with cannabis finally on the ballot in 9 states this year, this vote is as much about green as it red or blue. And you need to get out and vote.

Have Your Voice Heard This Election Day


#GoingGreen in the 2016 Election

Voting yes on cannabis legislation is going to change American history. A yes vote will see 25% of the American population living in states where adult cannabis consumption, whether that be medicinally or recreationally, is regulated, taxed and controlled. It'll legitimize an industry that is already booming; bringing jobs, money and industry with it. It will offer an easier framework within which the true medical utility of cannabis can be investigated, identified and tested, and it will put an end to 80 years of cannabis criminalization.


If you've not already guessed, we are very much for across-the-board cannabis legalization.

This article is not a last ditch attempt at convincing you to vote pro-weed, however. If you're against legalization, we value your opinion, too. We just disagree. This article is to convince you to get out and make your voice heard.

To create meaningful change, you need to vote. And this one's full of meaning.

State by State Polls

In the five states that have a proposition to legalize cannabis on their ballot, it's looking like weed will win outright. All polls predict a victory in each of the five states, with California representing the highest majority where 60% of citizens are in favor of legalization. Nevada is a close second, with a 57% pro-majority, while Arizona, Maine and Massachusetts are sitting tentatively at 50%.


The most dangerous thing you can do at this point in time is look at those numbers and see the end goal, however – whichever side of the fence you happen to fall on. If you're pro-weed, don't see a 60% majority as a guaranteed win. Get out and vote. If you're anti-weed, don't view a 60% majority as a guaranteed loss. Get out and vote.

Where do I Vote

Now, if you're not already registered to vote, we're afraid you've missed the deadline. You're going to have to sit this one out. For those of you who are eligible, however, but are not sure where you need to head to leave your mark, the folks over at Trigger the Vote have made it easy for you: Click here to find out find where your polling station is.

As of 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning, you can go ahead and vote. You'll have until around 7 p.m. in most states, so don't let your opportunity to encourage meaningful change spend the day in bed. For a full breakdown of polling times state by state, click here.

We'll see you on the other side.