NJ's New Governor Phil Murphy Wants To Legalize Marijuana ASAP

by greenrush
phil murphy

On Tuesday night, Democrat Phil Murphy soared to victory in the governor's race in New Jersey. The win is set to drive the state "full-steam ahead" toward legalizing marijuana and establishing an estimated $1.3 billion industry.


It's been known for months that Murphy is pro-legalization. Throughout his campaign, he's advocated making cannabis available for recreational use for people 21 and over. Early on in his campaign, he made it clear that, if elected, he would sign a legalization bill when it arrived on his desk.


Now that he's officially in, the goal is to get the measure passed within the first 100 days of the Murphy administration.


Murphy is excited about the sales tax from legal cannabis. It's estimated that there is close to $300 million to be made which the new governor plans to use to help fund education programs and the public worker pensions.


Now it seems this is a near reality.


"The election of Phil Murphy gets us a giant step closer. Without him, I don't know where we would be. He has a 100 percent commitment to it," said state Senator Nicholas Scutari.


New Jersey's current governor, Chris Christie will finish his second term on January 16, at 12pm. His stance on marijuana legalization has been decidedly negative. The Republican governor has called legalizing cannabis "beyond stupidity" and maintains the myth that marijuana leads to the use of opioids and heroin.


Currently, about 365,900 people in New Jersey use marijuana illegally. The new measure, if passed, will change that.
The focus of the bill is economic opportunity. Corona's parent company recently invested big in Canadian cannabis and there have been numerous indications of the profitability of the cannabis industry. It seems more and more states are becoming aware of the value cannabis can bring to their communities.


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