The Green Glossary: Common Cannabis Terms

by greenrush
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Ever walked into a dispensary and immediately wished you had some sort of dictionary in your pocket? With tinctures, edibles and concentrates to hand, it’s important to separate your sativa from your inidica, your spliffs from your joints. Otherwise you’ll be running a high risk of greening out, or at the very least clamming up with some serious cotton mouth. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, this is about to become your bible; the only list of weed words you’ll ever need. Here is our green glossary: GreenRush’s light-hearted breakdown of the most common cannabis terms used by the marijuana community.

The Most Common Cannabis Terms A - Z


Blunt – That thing in Snoop Dogg’s mouth. A blunt is essentially a cannabis filled cigar and it’s long been considered the coolest way to medicate, as well as one of the smelliest.

Bud – Buds are the flowers of the marijuana plant. It’s the fluffy, sticky, stanky blossom that’s harvested and used for recreational and medicinal use.

Budtender – The Moe Szyslaks of the marijuana world, budtenders are there to sell and suggest weed types to customers, assist with any weed-related queries and oversee the day-to-day running of your local dispensary.


Cannabinoids – The chemical compounds that produce the “high” during and after marijuana use. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the boss due to its sheer abundance, but there are a great many more. The human body responds to these in many ways, with pain relief and euphoria common side-effects.

CBD – Just one of the great many, aforementioned, cannabinoids. CBD (cannabidol) is worth mentioning as it comes a close second to THC in terms of its prevalence in cannabis strains. An effective remedy for anxiety without producing psychoactive side-effects.

Concentrates – This is the resulting, highly-potent, cannabinoid extract created by dissolving marijuana plants down into a solvent. It can be used to make butters (budders), waxes and oils. Warning: extremely high levels of THC.

Co-op – A group of patients that join together to share the experience of taking marijuana with one another. Usually results in at least one of the members asking the others if their hands have always looked weird.

Cotton mouth – The sworn-enemy of the water-less weed smoker. A mouth as dry as an old man’s flip-flop at the height of Arabian summer.


Dab/Dabbing – The consumption of the vapor produced by concentrates placed on a red-hot surface. Causes extremely high sensation.

Dispensary – Your local one-stop shop for marijuana and marijuana related products (butters, oils, bongs, teas, skins, food items, creams, you name it).


Edibles/Medibles – Looking to medicate but bypass the inhalation aspect? Look no further than edibles; the food products created using marijuana products. Please note: The effect of edibles can take up to an hour or so to kick in, so consume responsibly.


Feminized – Used to describe plants grown from female seeds. Here’s a little tip for the budding marijuana grower (pun intended): only the ladies produce the flowers.


Green out – Similar to a blackout except that you’ve smoked yourself into the abyss as opposed to drunk yourself there. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Grinder – A handheld device used to shred cannabis flowers into tiny bits, ready to be sprinkled into a joint. Also stops your hands getting all sticky-icky. N.B: Unless you’re the world’s most careful human being, it’s a good idea to buy a magnetic one. Just trust us.


Hash/Hash Oil – Simply put, hash is the resin collected from a cannabis plant. This can be done in a variety of ways (from sieving to water extraction) but the result is invariably a concentrated and potent, smokable substance.

Hemp – Remember how the feminized plants produce the flower? Well, this is where the men come in. Hemp is a tough and fibrous product that can be used to make anything from rope to clothes to paper. A staple fashion choice of hippies.

Hybrid – Just like in the animal kingdom (think liger or cat-dog), a hybrid is a cross between two plant species. These can be accidental or specifically bred to acquire desirable traits in the offspring strain.


Indica – One of the two main species of cannabis plants (the other is Sativa, see below). Originating in Asia and the Middle East, Indica plants are shorter, bushier and produce flowers which can cause a relaxing effect when consumed.


Joint – The younger brother of the thing in Snoop Dogg’s mouth; a joint is a hand-rolled, marijuana cigarette. Think of every weed meme ever. You know, those smaller, often cone-shaped white things? Yup, that's a joint.


Kush – Kush is a family of cannabis plants, with lineage tracing back to the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. Your typical Indica plants; a unique aroma combined with relaxing, mystical effects when consumed.


Mary Jane – A code name for marijuana. Also Peter Parker’s girlfriend.


Pot – Weed. Probably what your parents call it.

Pre-roll – A joint that is ready to buy and smoke immediately. One for arthritis sufferers or the blissfully lazy.


Quarter – A quarter(or a Q) is an ounce (7 grams) of weed.


Roach – A device – typically fashioned out of paper or card –used for holding a joint whilst smoking, either between the fingers or lips. A reason for keeping old train tickets in your pocket. The last little bit of a joint is also known as a roach in our world.


Sativa - One of the two main species of cannabis plants (the other is Indica, see above). Originating outside of the Middle East. Sativa plants are taller, lighter and slower growers, typically speaking of course.

Skunk – Typically a slang term used for real stanky Mary Jane. Skunk is, however, a genuine strain of cannabis in its own right. A sativa hybrid bred in California and a large part of the cannabis gene pool to this day.

Spliff – A joint which includes both cannabis and rolling tobacco. The go-to guy in large parts of the world. The natural sworn enemy of Snoop Dogg.


THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol. The king of Cannabinoids and responsible for the “high” that one experiences when smoking weed.

Tincture – Tinctures are weed drops; liquid cannabis extract. Usually administered with a dropper, tincturing is one of the most efficient ways to administer medicine, with the effects being noticeable within minutes. You can also get creative and use tinctures as ingredients in cocktails. Just be careful not to green out.


Vaporizer – The result of scientists investing their time in cannabis instead of space ships and nuclear weapons. Whereas a lit joint combusts weed, releasing cannabinoids through extreme heat, the vaporizer simply heats it just enough to release them without smoke. The vapor is colorless and can be inhaled – smoking weed in its purest form, and the go-to method for people with respiratory complications.


Weed – Mary Jane, pot, loud, piff, skunk, bud, bone, that sticky icky. Get with the times grandma!

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