Get Your Green On With These 5 St Patrick's Day Strains

by greenrush
st patrick's day

4/20 might be everyone’s favorite day to celebrate their love for weed but let’s not forget the next greenest day of the year. March 17 marks St Patrick's Day, the day of all things boozy, Irish and, most importantly, green.


St Patrick's Day may have its roots in religion, but these days, St Paddy's day is synonymous with partying. Luckily, St Paddy’s is on a Saturday this year so you should be free to party all day long! If you’re trying to go a little lighter on the drinking this year, you may want to consider getting lit with something a little greener.



Get your green on this St Patrick's Day with these strains!


Green Queen

st patrick's day

Green Queen is a tasty hybrid strain that comes from Green Crack and Space Queen, a must have for anyone wanting to feel like royalty during the festivities. Along with getting your festive green outfit together, make sure you pack the greenest party favors you can find this St Patrick's Day. Show up to the parade with your sleek gold vape pen packed with delicious Green Queen C02 oil or terp sauce. The vapor flavor will fill your body with an aroma of goodness that will bring joy and happiness. Be warned: Space Queen is a sativa hybrid strain that can induce a trippy buzz that may be intense for light cannabis users.


Lucky Charms

st patrick's day

Lucky Charms is one of the most delicious strains you will ever taste. The flavor of this bud brings to mind tropical fruit and this strain will make anyone feel like they have the luck of the Irish if they can find it. Lucky Charms genetics come from The White and Appalachia, which is a hybrid mix of Green Crack and Tres Dawg. You’ll notice these buds are covered in dense white trichomes - almost as if they’ve been coated in sugar. Lucky Charms is a perfect strain to bring to a friend's house or to pregame with before a parade. You will feel inspired, energized and ready to show off your green to the world this St Patrick’s Day.


Acapulco Gold

st patrick's day

Acapulco Gold is one of the most sought-after strains among marijuana enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Today, it is rare to find the same high-potency strain that people remember back in the 1970’s when it became known for its potent euphoric effects. The gold reference comes from the color of its gold hairs; some people feel like they have real gold nuggets when the light hits the crystals just right. How lucky would you feel if you got to indulge in a sweet sativa bud that came straight from its original birthplace, Acapulco, Mexico? Step aside, Mr. Leprechaun, we’ve got your gold right here.


Green Haze

st patrick's day

Green Haze is a marijuana strain that has its roots in Thai and Indian Landraces. The talkative energy of this sativa haze strain will get you excited about being social, perfect for a long St Patrick’s day filled with fun and lots of friends. This strain is also known to inspire creativity so it may even help you think of an St Paddy’s Day outfit to remember! What’s more, Green Haze packs enough THC to keep you feeling high all night. What better what to celebrate St Patrick's Day than by making new friends! Share the green vibes by passing along a gold joint of Green Haze to get the party started.


Green Crack

st patrick's day

Green Crack is a must have for any cannabis enthusiast to bring along to their St Paddy’s Day festivities. GC is a potent sativa strain that treats depression, fatigue, and stress. This is the perfect strain to be hitting all day to keep the energy alive and vibrant. Alcohol can be a downer, so switch it out this year for something greener and more uplifting!


Stay safe this St Patrick’s Day!


Make sure you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day responsibly this year. Always use weed responsibly and do not drive under the influence.


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