greenRush, The Easiest Way To Buy Weed

by greenrush

In a world where you can summon just about anything your heart desires online it only makes sense for cannabis to arrive at your doorstep with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of shady back-alley dealings and coded text messages; medical or recreational cannabis is legal in most of the United States, and if you want to order weed online, greenRush is here to help.


How greenRush Works


greenRush works with local dispensaries in your area to connect you with the best medical and recreational cannabis you can find. We use a proprietary search technology to display dispensaries that deliver to you, but that’s not all our site can offer you. greenRush can arrange for cannabis pick up as well as delivery so you can save time at the dispensary by having your order waiting for you when you arrive!

greenRush allows you to create a cannabis order that suits your needs. Different dispensaries will offer different options, and you can sort available goods by a number of variables. Whether you’re looking for an indica-dominant flower, CBD concentrate, pure sativa oils, hybrid edibles, convenient pre-rolls, or accessories, can help connect you with the dispensary that’s right for you.


Who Can Benefit From greenRush?


As cannabis becomes widely legalized and socially accepted by the mainstream public, much of its stigma is being removed. Medical and recreational cannabis benefits are nearly innumerable, and people from all walks of life should have safe and easy access to the natural options that work best for them. Whether you’re enjoying nature on a hike or coming home from a long day at the office, there’s a cannabis product out there for you.


For those who may feel uncomfortable entering a cannabis dispensary while legalization is new: we hear you.  When you join greenRush and arrange for cannabis delivery to your home, you remove this possibility. greenRush is HIPAA compliant and is committed to protecting your privacy. We don’t share your information so you can rest assured your account is secure. You can keep your personal life out of the public eye and enjoy perfectly legal cannabis on your own time. greenRush can assist in helping those who experience mobility issues get the cannabis they deserve, too.


The Possibilities Are Endless


If you live in an area where only medical cannabis is available—but you don’t have a card of your own—never fear! We can help with that, too. We can connect you to a doctor who can provide an online consultation and recommendation, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to make your first order.


Once you find out how safe, fun, easy, and convenient it is to order your medical and recreational cannabis from us, you’ll want to share the good news with your friends. We offer an Invite a Bud program what will pad your pals’ pockets with credit, and we’ll slip you some credit after they make their first order, too! It’s a win-win-win for your friend, yourself, and greenRush, too!


The Easiest Way To Buy Weed


With options for delivery and pick up, greenRush is the easiest way to buy weed. Shop thousands of products from hundreds of retailers and start your order today.