Happy Highs - The Basic Guide to Stoner Etiquette

by greenrush
GreenRush | Weed ettiquette

The cannabis community is pretty chill; we all know that. That doesn’t mean you can just bully your way in and start doing whatever the hell you want, though. There's a system of proper weed etiquette to follow. And nobody likes a newbie who doesn’t toe the line. Therefore, for the benefit of everyone out there you’ve unknowingly offended, here are the rules to proper weed etiquette. Don’t break them.

Cannabis Rules - Proper Weed Etiquette

  1. Come Ready

As Brad Pitt [probably] once said, ‘The first rule of cannabis club is don’t turn up to any cannabis club session without your own supply of cannabis.’ And breaking this golden rule is just not cool. Especially when you consider that weed quickly gets expensive when it’s shared among a group of people. Therefore, bring your own and be ready to smoke it. And if you’re in a bind and you just don’t have time to visit your local dispensary before heading to the party, pick up at least some drinks and snacks to share with the session.

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  1. Be Considerate

Don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Even at a smoke session you might come across a couple people who are reluctant to get involved. It’s bad decorum to try and force anyone into trying weed as, primarily, you have no idea why they’re just not into it. Let them do their thing.

  1. No Seeds, No Stems, No Sticks

Nobody wants a joint going off like a firework because you didn’t remove the stems. Always pick out the seeds and the sticks before consuming your weed, and be sure to do a good job.

[caption id="attachment_1831" align="aligncenter" width="750"]GreenRush | weed etiquette As Snoop once said, 'No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks. Some of that real sticky icky!'
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  1. Pass to the Left

This rule pretty much explains itself. Keep the weed rotating to the left so everyone knows when they’re up.

  1. You Roll, You Spark

Roller’s rights is another important rule. Whoever rolls the joint or packs the bowl gets to be the one who sparks it. Therefore, if you’re not the roller but want early dibs, sit to your roller’s left.

  1. Puff, Puff, Pass

This one’s sacred. You don’t puff, puff, puff, pass, especially when it comes to joints or blunts. You puff twice and you pass it on; always to the left. Except for when you’re smoking bongs or bowls, in which case you’re more than likely going to want to pass it along after one puff. If you’re not sure though, feel free to ask as each circle might do things differently, dependending on the choice of strain and method of consumption.

  1. Keep it Green

When smoking through a pipe, always be sure not to just blast the bud with your flame and turn it into a pile of ash. This is never cool. By lightly grazing the herb with your lighter from the rim of the bowl, you can ensure that both you and the person to your left each get a piece of the action. If you do get a bit over zealous and torch that bud to kingdom come, don’t just pass on this those charred remains of by gone weed to the sorry sucker to your left. Let them know about it and give them time to reset.

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  1. Keep it Dry

Nobody likes a soggy joint. Give your lips a little wipe before smoking and be conscious of how much your salivating. Thanks to cotton mouth, this problem normally takes care of itself after the first few administrations, but at the start of the session, try and keep it dry.

  1. Follow the House Rules

When you’re someone else’s house, follow their rules. If they don’t want you smoking inside, don’t. If they want you to keep it subtle, do. Easy.

  1. Don’t be a Dick

This is a good rule to follow in general. It’s also the easiest our list; being a dick usually requires some serious effort.

And now you’re ready. At your next session, put what you’ve learned into practice and just wait to be invited back.

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