Healthy Highs - The Top 3 Healthiest Edibles

by greenrush
What happens when you smoke weed?

Edibles are famously unhealthy. Right? Well, if you’d posed that question a couple years ago, you’d have been the most correct person posing a question at the start of a blog article. Today, though, as cannabis becomes ever-more studied, understood and used, the creative advocates amongst us have started adding it to a more healthy array of products. Gone are the days of greasy, fatty, sugary weed-vehicles. In are the days of low-calorie, health-conscious dishes that will get you the weed you need in a manner that your waistline will be thankful for. Healthy edibles are finally here, so let’s celebrate them!

Healthy Edibles


Why are Edibles Famously Unhealthy?

Before we go looking at the top healthy edibles on the market today, it’s a good idea to understand what makes them such an unhealthy option in the first place. And the secret lies in the fact that cannabis is only soluble in some form of fat. This means dropping buds into your tea in an attempt to replace your morning coffee isn’t going to give you any buzz - not unless you add a nice big knob of butter. Without fat, the THC in your flower will stay 100% internal, annoyingly out of touch before you make your Mary Jane a peace offering in the form of calories. And then say goodbye to your diet.

In light of this, cannabis cooks have begun experimenting with ways to infuse weed into healthy edibles after the initial fat-filled extraction process has occurred. What’s more, utilizing olive oil and coconut oil in the cooking process results in a much healthier assortment of edible weed when compared with its buttery counterpart.

So, pull up your yoga pants and get ready for a healthy high. These are the healthiest edibles on the market - all you’ve got to do is bring your appetite.


The Healthiest Edibles Money Can Buy

Julie’s Fresh Granola

Julie’s Fresh Granola is the best way to start your day. Made with gluten-free, rolled oats and a smorgasbord of dried fruit, savory seeds and nuts, all you’ve got to do is decide what you want to eat it with. The granola is blended with clarified cannabutter made using local, organically grown marijuana, and there’s not a single non-natural ingredient in the pack.

Julie herself recommends eating the granola with a splash of yogurt or ice-cream, or as an interesting supplement to a light summer salad. As ever, though, you should be careful how much you consume: Eat in small doses and wait at least 60 minutes before indulging further.

The granola contains 10mg of activated THC.

Healthy edibles | Julie's Granola

Edipure Banana Chips

EdiPure’s banana chips are some seriously healthy edibles: They’re natural, packed full of THC and CBD and, excuse the pun, high in potassium. Being made from all the good things Mother Nature has to offer - banana, nuts, coconut oil and, of course, marijuana extract - EdiPure’s banana chips are some of the healthiest edibles on the market.

Containing roughly 10mg of THC per chip, these little guys can be potent, too. A small handful will be enough to lift your mood, though it would take more than a packet to come even close to overdoing it - for cannabis connoisseurs, at least. Start slow, though, and take your time - banana chips are definitely moreish. Don’t let your taste buds get the better of you!

[caption id="attachment_2251" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Healthy edibles | Edipure Banana Chips Image courtesy of EdiPure[/caption]

Aunt Dolores’ Chili Lime Peanuts

Aunt Dolores’ Chili Lime Peanuts are exactly what you’d expect: peanuts infused with the zesty taste of chili and lime. Based out of San Francisco, Aunt Dolores produce an enormous line of potent, quality edibles. They are committed to health, freedom and wellness, and are excited about adding a little gourmet to the often boring world of cannabis edibles. And with their Chili Lime Peanuts, Aunt Dolores have broken the mold.

The peanuts are vegan, sugar and gluten free and are packed full of a whole host of cannabinoids, from THC and CBD, to THCV and CBN. The packet is labeled with a complete run-down of its contents, and you can expect roughly 82mg of THC per package.

[caption id="attachment_2252" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Healthy edibles | Auntis Dolores' Chili Lime Peanuts Image courtesy of Auntie Dolores.[/caption]

And there you have it. If you’re looking to drop a few pounds, but don’t want to give up the edibles, let the above work their way into your diet.

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