HellaWeed 2016 - Oakland's Best Weed Party

by greenrush
Tickets for HellaWeed Party GreenRush

It’s Halloween, and at GreenRush, Halloween means one thing: It’s time to party! So dig out your Halloween costume and round up your buds as you’re cordially invited to the hottest Halloween weed party in the Bay. It’s GreenRush and Trestl’s HellaWeed Halloween party 2016. Did somebody say ‘boo’?

The Best Oakland Weed Party Halloween 2016

GreenRush and Trestl, a premium partner, are throwing together the highest of all Oakland weed Halloween parties this Halloween. With DJs DJ B-Style, DJ Igor Beatz, DJ Stingy and the world renowned DJ Toure spinning exclusive sets; a 420 themed costume contest; $80 of free weed for everybody who turns up in costume, and a boatload of free goodies, grab your buds and get ready for some hella dancing, some hella gifts and some HellaWeed.


Tickets for HellaWeed weed Party GreenRush


Getting in is hella easy. All you’ve got to do is get your ticket, present your ID and valid MMJ card and, of course, wear a smile. But seriously, you have to be 21 years or older and will need to bring a valid medical marijuana card or recommendation letter to the event with you. No proof, no entry.

Head over to the Eventbrite ticket page to get your ticket now. Standard admission will cost you $4.20, though for the best experience, we recommend our VIP package. The VIP Experience package will guarantee you a Halloween worth over $100, all for the price of $50. You’ll get unlimited dabs, two pre-rolls, 40mg chocolate, two 10mg macaroons and a brownie. And that’s without mentioning the exclusive music, a 420 themed goodie bag and $80 of free weed if you turn up in costume. Seriously, all for $50.

Tickets for HellaWeed weed Party GreenRush


Get Your Medical Marijuana Card For The Event And Get Free Admission

If you haven’t got your card yet, we’ve also gone and made that super easy this Halloween: When you purchase your ticket, select the ‘General Admission + MMJ Card’ package. This will ensure that you have an official California medical marijuana card (or valid recommendation) in time for the event and that you don’t go all green when you miss out on the party. And the best part? Select this package and we’ll only charge you for the card: $39. Admission is free*.

*Important: Only when booking through the Eventbrite ticket portal.

GreenRush and Trestl’s HellaWeed Party

The party will take place at 7pm on October 31st at The New Parish in the heart of Oakland.

We can’t wait to see you there. Let's get ready to PARRRR-TAYYYY!


Tickets for HellaWeed Party GreenRush