Holiday Gift Guide

by greenrush

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Great for everything including stocking stuffers, secret santa gifts and more, greenrush has you covered on gifts for all of the cannabis lovers in your life. 

For your 21+ friends that love to kick back and relax with certain products, or your family members that have been wanting to incorporate the right CBD product into their life, there is something for everyone to make the holiday season just that little bit more comforting and special.


PLUS - Balance Gummies ($18)

At a low price point, these gummies are perfect to use as a stocking stuffer for anybody in your life seeking balance with just 5 mg of THC per bite. These Sour Blueberry gummies help with mood boosts and creativity; who doesn’t need more of that year round?!


Papa & Barkley - Releaf Balm ($90)

Formulated for the user that does not want to experience any sort of high, this Papa & Barkley balm is applied directly to the skin and will work wonders to relieve pain and discomfort. Give the gift of “releaf” this year to your loved ones that want to try CBD balms. You’ll thank us later.


Pacific Reserve - Lemon Skunk ⅛ oz ($25)

A popular brand with loyal flower customers, Pacific Reserve’s Lemon Skunk is a 24.10% THC Hybrid. The skunky, citrus flavor draws you in immediately, and the happy, energetic buzz will shake any bah-humbug’s out of their funk.


Puffco - Peak Lucid Lightning ($385)

Want to give the gift of any concentrate-lovers dream? The Lucid Lightning Peak unlocks the true power of all concentrates, providing the clearest expression of potency, flavor, and effects. With the one of a kind tie-dye inspired base, every owner can expect to have a different variation. Tell Santa Claus to move aside.


Select - Palm Battery ($30)

For the avid vaper in your life, the Select Palm battery is a great choice. Some of greenrush’s most popular products are the Select cartridges, which are all compatible with this long lasting battery. Color options include black and rose gold, so any user can increase their vaping game this holiday season with a customized experience.


Quim - Night Moves Intimacy Oil ($60)

Still pondering the perfect gift to get that special someone in your life? This intimacy oil is the recipe for success to spice things up during your extra time off this season. Don’t sleep on these night moves.

Connected Cannabis - Biscotti Preroll ($16)

Score! Oops, did I say that out loud? That’s just the sound that any of us would make if we found this pre-roll in our stockings this year. Or hidden in any of our other gifts, if we’re playing that game. Stock up on extra just incase. You can never have enough last minute gifts on hand for your buddies.


Level Blends - Hangover Tabs ($40)

Looking for an out-of-the-box White Elephant gift this year? These hangover protabs provide awesome relief after a night full of drinking, no high included. Prepare for everyone to be intrigued at the thought of that, as they bring on the eggnog.


Tips for Giving Cannabis Gifts

Cannabis gifts are a fun and customized way to stray from the traditional gift during the holidays. Ensure that the recipients of these gifts are all over the age of 21 for a safe and enjoyable holiday experience!


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