How To Roll A Braided Twist Joint

by greenrush
braided twist joint

The days of rolling regular old joints are over. Sandwiching some weed in a rolled up paper just won’t do anymore. It is officially the era of joint art. Once upon a time, spliffogami was for pretentious weed smokers. But now it’s almost part of the culture. You can’t call yourself a seasoned joint roller unless you have a couple of tricks up your sleeve. So, let the braided twist joint be one of them.

Some people even make a living out of making joint art these days. And you can too with a little bit of practice - and if you really love joint making. For those who want to learn how to roll something other than your run of the mill, this is a pretty easy one to start with. Let’s get to it!


Get creative with papers

braided twist joint

There are many cool joints to roll in the world of spliffogami. But if you want to get super creative, you can try doing it with different rolling papers. The braided twist joint is pretty cool, and it reminds me of what you might do with a ponytail on a bad hair day, but how much cooler would it be if it were rolled with transparent rolling papers? That would make for some proper joint art.


If you’re not into the kind of joint where you can see your weed through the paper, you can do it with blunt papers! But you will have to add a filter to make it appropriate for the braided twist joint.


Spliffogami is real, people! So don’t let our article be the be all and end all of this kind of joint. You can make it delicious with flavored papers or super artistic with transparent papers. Get creative! It’s joint art!


How to roll the braided twist joint

braided twist joint

Ok, enough creative inspiration. Now it’s time to get to work. You’re going to need enough good weed for three joints. These three joints are what you will use to create the braid.


Roll three regular joints with filters in the bottom. Make sure you leave a little bit of empty room at the top of the joint for twisting the ends together.


Cut some glue strips. Now stack the three joints together in something like a pyramid shape and use the glue strips to bind them together near the filter. Braid them gently and twist the tops to join them together at the tip. Don’t braid them too tightly, as you risk tearing the papers or making the joint really difficult to smoke.

braided twist joint

Now you should have a joint that’s definitely in with the braid trend these days. If you’re looking for cool joints to roll that don’t take forever to master, this one is pretty easy. Enjoy - and don’t forget that this is really three joints put together. So smoke the braided twist joint responsibly!


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