How To Make CBD Cream

by greenrush
cbd cream

Creams for hands, face, and body are used to moisturize skin, relieve muscle tension, and help promote sleep. Store-bought brands can be expensive and contain chemicals that are difficult to pronounce and are likely not very healthy. Homemade cream made from simple oils and CBD oil is healthier and can provide the same benefits. This article will tell you how to make your own CBD cream that you can use for sleep promotion, pain relief, or to help alleviate a number of medical ailments.



What is CBD?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most important ingredient when making cream with CBD. CBD is legal in many states and is used to help alleviate a number of medical issues. These can be physical or psychological in nature, ranging from relieving chronic pain to decreasing nightmares for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. The psychoactive effects from cannabis are felt from THC which is usually consumed through edibles or smoked. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike its cannabinoid cousin THC, so it is often added to balms, oils, or creams for topical application.


CBD Cream Benefits


CBD cream has a number of health benefits and can even help to alleviate some serious medical issues. The cream is best used for sleep promotion, pain relief, or relaxation. When applied directly to the skin, CBD is absorbed into muscles for direct pain relief and also circulated in the bloodstream to treat other ailments.


CBD’s impact on sleep has been studied for years. In a scientific review of sleep studies, researchers found that CBD holds promise for reducing daytime drowsiness, reducing nightmares, and reducing insomnia. Although some strains of THC makes us sleepy immediately, it may actually reduce our ability to sleep soundly in the long term. Since this doesn’t appear to be the case with CBD, it is a great option for sleep promotion and regulating our circadian rhythm.


Chronic pain can cause people to search for relief that may not be healthy. Fortunately, CBD is far more natural than many other pain relievers and can be easily applied through various products. Numerous studies have found pain relief benefits from CBD cream, specifically for relieving arthritis, chronic pain, cancer-related pain, multiple sclerosis, and other types of pain. CBD cream for pain relief is best when applied directly to the skin where the pain exists, however it can be added anywhere in order to first get into the bloodstream.


What You’ll Need

cbd cream

CBD cream is very easy to make and can be customized to your preference. It only takes a few ingredients and can be ready to use in just over an hour. To make just under a cup of cream, you will need:



- Medium bowl

- Hand mixer

- Container for finished cream



- ¾ cup coconut oil (best if un-melted)

- 2 tbsp flaxseed oil

- Eyedropper full of CBD oil

- 6 drops of rosemary essential oil

- 6 drops clove bud essential oil

- 6 drops orange essential oil


How To Make CBD Cream

cbd cream

Take your medium bowl and add the coconut oil. You should first measure out the coconut oil into a measuring cup and when the oil is soft or solid, not completely melted. If your oil is liquid, put it in the fridge for a few minutes until it has solidified. Next, add the flaxseed oil to the coconut oil. Flaxseed oil can be substituted for almond oil or shea butter, depending on your preference. Next, the CBD oil can be added to the mixture. The amount used depends on the strength of the oil and how strong you want the cream to be.


Finally, add the essential oils to the mixture. Again, which oils you use and how much you add depends on your preference. The ones listed are best for pain relief, especially rosemary. If you are looking to relax and are using the CBD cream to help you sleep, use lavender oil or sandalwood instead.


After all the ingredients are added to the bowl, mix everything together with your hand mixer. Add the mix to whatever container you want to keep the oil in, preferably a glass one with a screw on lid. Let the mixture sit for an hour for the ingredients to meld together and for the mix to solidify more.


Once the proper consistency is reached, the cream is ready to be applied anywhere it is needed like a painful area or anywhere for sleep promotion. Since the cream has essential oils that may hold extra benefits for sleep, we recommend putting it on your neck or shoulders to capture the aromatherapy benefits of the oils.


Try mixing essential oils and possibly increasing the amount of CBD oil used until you find what you like. While research has shown that CBD is helpful for many ailments, the amount tested in research studies is much lower than what you can use at home. This might mean CBD holds even more benefits than has been shown scientifically, which can make your CBD cream even more luxurious.


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