How to Make a Concealable Joint

by greenrush
concealable joint

We’ve all been there: the perfect time to enjoy a cheeky toke has arrived, but alas—no papers, pipes, or pieces of fruit are to be found. How will you enjoy a good old-fashioned joint without any of the proper accouterment necessary to achieve this classic high? Never fear, because a concealable joint is the answer to your paperless-prayers!


What Is a Concealable Joint?


A concealable joint comes into being when you make a joint from a cigarette. This involves the deconstruction of a pre-rolled cigarette and the replacement of the tobacco with cannabis. While closely related to the joint-adjacent spliff—a popular tobacco-cannabis hand-rolled cigarette popular outside of the United States—a concealable joint looks remarkably like a normal, every day, and completely innocuous commercial cigarette but contains only cannabis.


Who Needs a Concealable Joint?

concealable joint

While cannabis acceptance continues to spread across the United States (and around the world) with breakneck speed, there are times when it still might not be socially acceptable for you to twist up a joint, fire up the dab rig, or rip a water bong. Even in states where recreational cannabis enjoys legal protection, public consumption is often not allowed… so be certain to heed local laws no matter how secretive you aim to be.


Enjoying a discreet joint can be the key to making it through a family reunion, or it can be a lifesaver for smokers on the go who happen to find themselves without the gear to make their grass-dreams come true. Whatever your reason for needing a joint that looks like a cigarette, we’re here to help.


How to Make a Concealable Joint

concealable joint

Being a responsible cannabis smoker means always being prepared—or, at least, being prepared to be unprepared. Sometimes you run out of papers, and sometimes you run into some top-notch flower that needs to be consumed immediately. Knowing how to craft a hidden joint will serve you well in times of need.




- Pre-rolled commercial cigarette

- Cannabis

- Grinder (optional)

- Tamping device (optional)




Break down your cannabis. We recommend a grinder for this step, but if you don’t have a paper, pipe, or bong, you’re probably not going to have a grinder either. A uniform grind of weed will encourage an even burn. Make do with what you have: rubbing buds of weed together will create a friction-fueled fine grind of your prized pot possession in a pinch!


Break down your cigarette. Invert the cigarette where the open-end faces onto a collection surface and gently roll it between your fingers to loosen the tobacco. You won’t need the tobacco to create a concealable joint as this is a cannabis-only creation.


Fill ‘Er Up! Carefully sprinkle the cannabis back into the cigarette tube. A tamping device (pencil, chopstick, coffee stirrer, extremely pointy twig, etc.) should be used at this point to help ensure an even burn. If you find yourself sans such equipment, firmly tap the filter end of the cigarette onto a hard surface as you re-pack the cigarette.


Enjoy! Pro tip: The filter on a standard commercial pre-rolled cigarette could prevent your desired THC intake on your brand new concealed joint… consider ripping it off to achieve the maximum effect. Don’t worry, the filter on regular cigarettes is meant to filter out the bad stuff - since this concealable joint is cannabis only, it’s ok to remove the filter!


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