How To Roll A Cross Joint

by greenrush

It was that scene in Pineapple Express that made the cross joint famous. Everybody remembers what they were thinking when they watched Seth Rogen “light up these two ends” while James Franco lit up “that other end”. Is that a real thing? And can we actually make one of those?

Yes! It is a real thing, and yes, you really can make one of those! Better yet, we’re going to teach you exactly how. A word of warning, though: this joint gets you extremely high. It’s as good as smoking three joints at the same time so proceed with caution!


Here’s What You’ll Need

cross joint

You won’t have to go shopping to roll a mean cross joint. The number one thing you’re going to need is patience. It can be a bit fiddly to roll crazy joints like this one, for reasons you’ll understand when you get down to it. But rolling it successfully will make you a sensei-master-joint-roller among your smoking circle.


All you’re going to need for this is:

- Ground up weed
- At least three rolling papers (king size is way more effective)
- A toothpick
- A filter tip


Nothing outside of your ordinary rolling equipment - but the result is something extraordinary indeed.


How To Cross Your Joints

cross joint

You want to begin by rolling a cone joint with a filter. Feel free to make it about as long as your king size paper. Twist it at the top. This will form the middle of your cross, so the longer it is, the more space you have to work with. Also, the thickness at the top will actually allow room for the “cross” part.


The second step involves rolling the joint that is going to cross your main cone joint. This one should be skinny - skinnier than the fat part of your cone. Don’t put a filter tip inside this skinny joint, and twist it at both ends.


You will need to poke a hole horizontally through the cross and feed through the skinny joint. So far, you’ve only done the easy parts. But at least it’s starting to look like a cross.


The fiddly part kicks in here, where it’s time to cover up any space where air might leak. This is usually around the hole that you’ve fed the skinny joint through. To do this, you can use the glue edges of some rolling papers. Sufficiently cover any holes or gaps, otherwise, your joint won’t smoke properly! Some people use masking tape, but we can’t say the best things about smoking the glue on the back of a piece of masking tape.


And that’s how to roll a cross joint! Light up all three ends at the same time, and pray that they meet in the middle! Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t smoke well the first time you try it. Remember, it’s an art to roll weird joints. The more you do it, the better (and higher) you’ll be!


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