How To Roll A Fat Blunt

by greenrush
fat blunt

If deciding whether you want to smoke a bong, a pipe or a fat blunt is the hardest decision you have to make today, then things are pretty cruisy in your life. There’s no day that isn’t a good day for smoking a blunt. And, because weed is always better when shared, we’re going to teach you how to roll a fat blunt.

Blunts Or Spliffs?


There is always some argument over which is better: pure green or a spliff. Those who swear by mixing tobacco love the effect of mixing these two plants, while there are others who say it’s pure blasphemy to mix anything with the herb. Enter: the blunt, a pure green joint wrapped in a tobacco leaf.


Lovers of tobacco can still get the hit without interfering too much with the taste of the weed. Plus, blunt wraps are not loaded with some of the nasty things that you can find in cigarettes.


For those who love to smoke the stick, it also means that there’s no need for bleached papers, or for smoking paper at all. Everything smoked can be plant material and adding the blunt paper definitely adds an element of excitement to the smoking experience. A fat blunt is much more satisfying than a fat joint - trust us! No trees had to die for the making of that blunt!


How To Roll A Fat Blunt

fat blunt

Now that we’ve (hopefully) convinced you of the numerous benefits of the fat blunt, it’s time to tell you how to roll a fat blunt. If you’ve never done this before but are familiar with how to roll a joint, then you’ve got the basics down pat. Using a blunt wrap is a bit different to using a rolling paper, and might require some adjustments. But don’t worry, practice makes perfect!


Gather Your Materials


For all the minimalists out there, this blunt is for you. All you need to roll a fat blunt is a blunt wrap and some dank weed!


Yes, rolling this one doesn’t require anything special or tons of materials. You don’t even need a filter. Just head down to your local dispensary and get yourself a few blunt papers. And of course, get your hands on some quality ganja.


The Method

fat blunt

First, open up your blunt wrap and fill it with as much weed as you like. Remember: you’re going to have to roll it up, so leave some space for rolling. But also remember that this is a fat blunt. So be generous with your herb.


Start rolling and shaping the blunt between your fingers. Tuck in the wrap, and roll up the bottom end first. A blunt paper needs to be really wet to stick (there’s no glue) so some people like to use a brush to wet it. Otherwise, lick - and lick a lot. Once the bottom end is stuck, you can work on the top. Make sure you tuck in the wrap again and then use some water or saliva to stick it at the top.


And there you have it. The best thing you can bring to a party for sharing. Fat blunts are the fastest way to get everybody around you super high!


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