How To Make A Heart Joint

by greenrush
heart joint

Valentines Day creates the perfect excuse for indulgence. Whether you want to learn how to make a heart joint for your stoner sweetheart or if this smoky treat will be for your real #1 (yourself), we’ve got the tips you need to make it a day to forget, err… remember!


Prepare Yourself

Before you start learning how to roll crazy joints, you’re going to need to get the basics down pat. The essential components of the heart joint are three smaller joints so make sure you check out our guide on How to Roll the Perfect Joint Every Time. You can’t run a marathon without training first, and you can’t roll a gigantic heart joint without mastering a singular joint.

Gather Your Ingredients

If your Valentines Day weed ideas include making a big ol’ heart joint, then you’re going to need a big ol’ stash of weed. Two of the joints you will be rolling are going to be extra long so you want to have about an eighth of weed on hand. If you don’t already own a grinder, now is the perfect time to invest in one. A classic metal grinder will never do you wrong.


You want king sized papers for this experiment in rolling. You need a minimum of five papers for the joints as well as the glue strips from several others to bind your heart joint together. You might as well grab a whole fresh pack for this crazy joint. Don’t forget to pick up some filter papers while you’re out shopping for supplies, too.

Begin the Procedure

To form the outer shape of your heart joint, you will need to create two extra long joints. Lick and glue two king-sized papers together lengthwise to get the length you need. As you need two extra long joints, repeat this step. Roll three filter tips from your stash of filter papers (two, for now, one for later).


heart joint
You’re going to need a bigger stash than that.


Next, grind your weed and fill your joints. Since this is for a special occasion, why not go a little heavy on the green? Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, so spoil yourself and/or your beloved with a little extra buzz. Leave about an inch at the end of these extra long joints for the twisting action that will help form the shape of your overall heart joint, but leave them open at the end for now.


Align your two giant joints at the filter tip and bind them together by using glue strips from papers. Once bound at the base, flare out the two joints into the curved shape of a heart. Use another glue strip to bind the loose ends of the joints together into the shape a heart. Voila! You’re almost there.

Cupid’s Arrow

To put a finishing touch on your very thoughtful and delightfully extravagant heart joint, you need one last joint—the Cupid’s Arrow in the middle of the heart, of course! Roll another joint (this one should just use one king-sized paper, not two). Use the filter tip you rolled earlier and leave the end open on this joint, too. Bind the base of the third joint to the center of the heart joint using some more glue strips.


heart jointGreen is my true love’s heart.


Now twist the end of the middle joint and use a glue strip to join it to the center point of the outer heart shape. Put the finishing touches on your romantic offering to Saint Valentine by gently pulling and pushing to create the perfect heart shape. When it’s time to smoke, light the heart joint at the point where all three joints intersect. Enjoy!


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