How To Use A Joint Rolling Machine

by greenrush
joint rolling machine

So you can’t roll a joint. Don’t worry, we don’t judge. Once upon a time, if you couldn’t roll a joint, it was the pipe for you but thanks to technology, joint rolling is an art accessible to all. Enter: The Joint Rolling Machine. Now that this convenient piece of machinery exists, you don’t run the risk of being left alone with a bag of weed and some papers when your joint-rolling housemate goes on vacation.

If it’s spliffogami you’re looking to accomplish, you’d be better off putting in the practice and learning to roll by hand. However, for the average joint, the joint rolling machine is here for you and will never fail to provide for you and your friends. Like anything in life, there’s a slight learning curve to navigate when using this machine, which is why we created this handy guide to see you through.


Joint, Bong, Or Pipe?

joint rolling machine

There’s a time and a place for everything. Many smokers agree that smoking a joint is far more sociable than using a bong or a pipe. There’s just something about being able to pass a joint back and forth among friends that’s makes it more appealing when it comes to social situations. If you’re out and about, a joint is more travel-friendly and you don’t risk bringing breakables out of the house. Who wants a broken pipe or bong?


For other smokers, the joint means there is no need to clean anything post-session and no risk of smelly equipment or dirty bong water. In essence, the joint (once you know how to roll one) is easy and fuss-free.


There are no real rules stating which joint rolling machine is the best out there. Most head shops will stock one rolling machine or another and most have the same function. The type of joint rolling machine you choose will largely come down to preference, and, of course, the size of the joints you want to be smoking. For the basic joint, here’s how to use the fabled joint rolling machine.


Conquering The Joint Rolling Machine

joint rolling machine

At first, this piece of apparatus looks a little bit strange. But trust us, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and functional to use. So before we get started, here are some tips on how to conquer the joint rolling machine.


- Always start with the machine open and the lower side closest to you

- The licky edge of your paper should always be at the top and facing you

- Don’t overcrowd your joint by putting too much weed inside

- Use appropriately sized papers for the joint rolling machine that you are using

- Keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions!


How To Use A Joint Rolling Machine

joint rolling machine

Start by placing the paper inside the rolling machine. Remember our tip: the licky edge should be on the top and it should be facing in your direction.


Roll up your filter and put it in one end.


Fill the paper with ground up weed and pack it down.


Lift the front lip of the joint rolling machine and push it up to close. You’ll notice that it moves up to the next notch to lock it into place


Roll the machine back and forth until the bottom part of the paper is tucked in, but make sure you leave the gummed edge sticking out.


Now lick the gummed edge and roll it down until it disappears.


Pop it open by moving the front lip down the notch again


Et voila! The joint rolling machine has done the hard work for you! Your friends will think you’re the sensei of joint rolling when you whip out perfectly rolled joint after perfectly rolled joint!


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