How To Make Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Champagne

by greenrush
cannabis champagne

2019 is fast approaching and that means it’s time for New Year’s celebrations with friends and family! It's a fairly universal tradition to toast with champagne on New Years, so this year, why not spruce up your holiday cheers with non-alcoholic cannabis champagne?



Using Cannabis Tincture


Cannabis tincture is a fantastic option for those that prefer not to consume cannabis in a combustible manner but still wish to take advantage of its medical benefits. Tinctures are created by extracting cannabinoids from raw cannabis flower and infusing them in alcohol, oil, or vegetable glycerine to form a liquid that can be stored in a dropper bottle. Tincture droppers usually provide a 1ml dose, making them an easy way to track and meter dosage.


A tincture can be used simply in multiple ways by dropping them directly under your tongue or even mixing them into your favorite beverages. If you'd like to make your own cannabis tincture, you can check out our very own how-to guide, however, there are several also available online and in your local dispensary. Whether homemade or store-bought, a good tincture will get you well on your way to making some delicious cannabis champagne!


What Will I Need?

cannabis champagne

- Crushed peppermint

- Peppermint sticks

- Melted chocolate

- Non-alcoholic champagne

- Champagne flutes

- Cannabis tincture


While this ingredient list is relatively straightforward, you'll want to do a small amount of preparation work to ready your drink creation station. Grab two shallow bowls and then go ahead and crush up some peppermint sticks and place them in one of the bowls. Melt the chocolate and pour it into the other bowl.


Take an empty champagne flute and dip it into the chocolate. You'll want to coat a fair amount of chocolate on the rim, inside and out. It's easiest to dip the glass into the chocolate and give it a few twists to get a nice and solid coating.


Once you've got the rim of your champagne glass covered in chocolate, it's time to move over to the bowl of crushed peppermints. Dip the champagne glass into the crushed peppermints and give it a few twists to make sure you cover all of the chocolate in the delicious crushed peppermint sticks.

cannabis champagne

Just like any other great cocktail, it's all about the garnish! Take a full peppermint stick, drop it into the empty glass, and let it hook over the rim.


Grab your favorite non-alcoholic champagne of choice and fill up your champagne glass until the champagne hits the chocolate rim!


Add your desired amount of cannabis tincture to your champagne and then, voila! Your very first glass of non-alcoholic cannabis champagne is complete!




Similar to solid edibles, you always need to space cannabis drinks out until you know how they affect you. Wait for at least 1-2 hours to give the tincture time to work its magic before consuming more. Once you work out your perfect dose, you can mix a perfect glass of cannabis champagne every single time!


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