How To Make A Rainbow Joint

by greenrush
rainbow joint

Pride Month may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the celebration is over. What better way to celebrate Pride than with a rainbow joint? Read on for a simple guide on how to roll a rainbow joint in honor of the most colorful month of the year!


Get Your Rainbow Papers

rainbow joint



To make this awesome rainbow joint, you’ll need a pack of rainbow papers. Head down to your local dispensary, headshop, or tobacco store and keep an eye out for 1¼ sized rainbow papers. If you can’t find them locally, you can order them from SweetFlag.


Get Rolling

rainbow joint

Once you’ve got your papers, it’s time to roll up. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to roll the perfect rainbow joint with your new rainbow rolling papers:


- Grind your cannabis to your preferred consistency. We recommend a medium-fine grind for a slow, even burn.


- Make your filter. For extra Pride points, keep an eye out for rainbow or other colorful filter tips at your local smoke store.


- Put your filter at one end of the joint and start adding in your cannabis. Don’t overfill it, unless you want to be left scraping weed crumbs off your table.


- Roll the two sides of the paper against each other between your thumb and index finger. As you do this, your weed should get packed closer together and start taking on the form of a joint.


- Tuck the non-adhesive side of the paper under the adhesive side and start rolling the adhesive side over, making sure to hold your joint together tightly.


- Lick and seal the joint, then pack it down using a toothpick or by tapping it on the table.


- Pinch the tip and get ready for take off!


Important Tips For Rolling The Perfect Joint

rainbow joint

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you roll the perfect rainbow joint:


Don’t overfill your paper. The amount of cannabis in your paper should be just slightly wider than your filter.


Try not to make your filter too tight. Tight filters will affect the draw on your joint, making it hard to smoke.


Roll, roll, roll! The rolling motion helps to pack your cannabis down, making it easier to turn into the perfect joint.


Don’t grind your cannabis too fine. It will just fall through the filter and into your mouth (and no one wants that).


As with all things, moderation. Tightly packed joints might look great, but they are actually really hard to smoke. Try not to pack your joint too tight for a smoother smoke.


New to rolling? Don’t fret, here’s a more in-depth guide to rolling joints like a pro.


Sharing is Caring!


Pride month is all about coming together and celebrating diversity, individuality, and equality. And what’s better at bringing people together than cannabis? Your friends will love this Pride-appropriate rainbow joint that can be smoked even when Pride Month is over. Love is love all year round, after all!


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