How To Roll Blunts

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Blunts, they're coolest way to smoke weed. Rappers love to rhyme about them, celebs love to be snapped with them. They burn slower, last longer, and the blend of tobacco and marijuana leaves a buzz that’s, for many, unrivalled. Rolling one takes some serious skill, practice, and the right amount of know-how, though. And there's nothing worse than a bad blunt. So let's make sure you only roll blunts that are Instagram-worthy - the type Wiz Khalifa wants to rhyme about. Here's how to roll blunts.

How to Roll Blunts


The Equipment

The secret to rolling the perfect blunt starts with your tools. As the coolest of all the outdoor organizations, the Boy Scouts, say, ‘Be prepared.’ So think like a scout, get your gear in order and start building your blunt only after you’ve sourced the following. The Boy Scouts would be proud.

Cigar, Cigarillo, or Blunt Wrap

The first thing you’re going to need is the very thing that’s about to become your blunt. Depending on how big you want it, pick up a cigar or a cigarillo, or use ready-made blunt wraps.


A grinder is an oft-overlooked blunt rolling must. And while many prefer to tear up their herb by hand, for beginners, a fine grind is the better option: Grinded cannabis will keep the burn even and allow for an easier roll.


Last, but at no means least, you need some good quality herb. Otherwise, what are you going to grind? And GreenRush has got your back there, too. Just log on, browse thousands of dispensaries and get your favorite strain of weed delivered to any residential address in one hour or less.

Step 1

Grind your weed

Step one is pretty simple: Grind your cannabis into shake.

How to roll a blunt


Step 2

Prepare your Blunt Wrap

Next up, get your wrap ready. If you’ve opted to use a cigar or a cigarillo, cut the blunt lengthwise along the body and empty out the tobacco. You might want to save this for later, especially if you’re a fan of spliffs.

If you’re using a blunt wrap, you should be able to skip this step.

How to roll a blunt

Step 3

Get that Wrap Wet

To make your blunt wrap a little bit more malleable, apply a bit of moisture. This will make it much easier to roll your wrap into something that resembles a blunt – no matter your level of experience. Tap water or saliva will suffice, just be aware that  if you’re rolling your blunt to be smoked by a group, they might not be too fond of inhaling your spit.

Step 4

Pack your Wrap

This is the easy part: Fill up your wrap with your weed of choice. Be a little conservative on the cannabis if you’re not very experienced – more weed means more work later.

How to roll a blunt

Step 5


Straight after the easy part, comes the hard part: It’s time to roll your blunt. To do so, use the same sort of finger movement you would use to roll a joint or a cigarette, just be very light with your touch. Remember, if you didn’t make the blunt wrap moist enough, you might split the paper.

How to roll a blunt

Once you’ve shaped your wrap into something that resembles a cigar, push the underside of the wrap underneath the overside. Re-wetten the wrap, again with either saliva or a little bit of tap water, and apply a little bit of pressure to set it into shape.

How to roll a blunt

Step 6


Now you’ve got it rolled, you’ve got to dry it. Failing to do this will result in an uneven burn – if any at all. To dry it, lick the wrap with the flame of your lighter. Just be careful not to cook, burn or light it – you’re only trying to evaporate the residual moisture. And once that’s done, you’re done. Light that baby up and enjoy a self-rolled, self-styled blunt.

How to roll a blunt

And that’s how to roll blunts. All you’ve got to do now is smoke all your hard work and have a good time doing it.

If you have any special tips or recommendation on how to roll blunts, feel free to drop us a line and tell us about them. Sharing is caring, after all.

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