How To Roll A Rose Joint

by greenrush
rose joint

Spring is on its way and soon, the flowers will be blooming. And we’re all about smoking flowers, aren’t we? Low and behold, the rose joint. Because why wrap marijuana flowers in paper and smoke them when you can wrap marijuana flowers in rose flowers and smoke that? Yes - double flowers! And a little bit of added flavor, too. So, here is how you can roll the perfect rose joint for that special someone (which might just be yourself).

You will need…

rose joint

To roll the rose petal joint, you will need some obvious materials, such as marijuana and some rose petals. A couple of pieces of advice when picking rose petals: the darker varieties have a much bolder flavor, and all roses are edible! So you can’t pick a wrong or poisonous rose to smoke.


Additionally, you will need to be in a house with a broiler. If you don’t have a broiler, a deep baking tray in the oven will do.


You will also need material for making a filter tip!


The method


rose joint

Once you have gone flower picking (both for marijuana and roses), you’re just about ready to get rolling.


To start, make a filter tip.


Now pick out the three most delicious looking rose petals from your rose. Broil them for about 10 seconds.


Now lick the edges of the petals to stick them together. What you’re creating here is something that looks like a king size paper made out of rose petals. Broil again for 10 seconds.


Fill it up with ground weed and the filter tip. Shape it the same way you would shape any other joint. This part is the trickiest! Rose petals are delicate and they don’t quite feel like papers. But it’s ok. If you picked that rose from your neighbor’s garden, there’s probably plenty more where that came from. You’re so close to having your flower joint!


Once you have rolled up something that looks kind of like a joint, broil it again for 10 seconds.


And that’s how you to roll a weed rose joint.


Enjoy the rose joint with your lover, or any other lover of flowers. Make the best use of the flowers this springtime!


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