How To Make Weed Butter In A Pressure Cooker

by greenrush
weed butter

Don’t be afraid of the old school! When we say old school, we mean making your own weed butter - which these days doesn’t happen so often. With all of the edible products on the market, you might be thinking, “why should I stink my house out making cannabutter?” Well, how about being able to use whichever strain of weed you like to make said butter? Have we tickled your interest?

Interestingly, making weed butter in a pressure cooker is pretty fast. It won’t take you longer than a few hours, unlike doing it on a stovetop, for example. And you’ll be dealing with hardly any mess - the most exciting part of this recipe. So if you’re stepping out to the dispensary, only let it be for a quarter ounce of top-shelf buds, because you’re about to learn how to make cannabutter in a pressure cooker.


A note on decarboxylation

weed butter

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The beautiful thing about this recipe is you can literally do it all in your pressure cooker or instant pot. That includes the decarboxylation process. Usually, you would need to bake your weed in the oven for a while to give it a chance to do some special chemistry. But this all happens in one pot.


So why do we decarboxylate in the first place? Well, interestingly enough, when weed is fresh, it doesn’t actually contain any THC! There is another variant of the molecule, called THC-A. While it still has many medicinal benefits, it doesn’t give the user the psychoactive effect that we love so much about cannabis.


When the plant material is heated, the THC-A molecule is converted into THC. This would usually happen naturally through smoking or vaping, because of the heating that takes place. But when it comes to making edibles, we have to decarboxylate first. Then the weed is ready to let go of its delicious THC molecules into the weed butter.


How to make your weed butter

weed butter

Now it’s time for the simple task of making your delicious weed butter. Remember, you can use as much weed and butter as you like, so long as the proportions are the same.


Get your pressure cooker in your kitchen ready and put a metal-like jar lid at the bottom. It’s going to provide a base for the jar that you are using.


Put a quarter ounce of ground weed in the jar and place it on top of the “base” that you’ve created with the other lid. Make sure the jar containing your weed is also covered with a lid.


Now pour water into the pressure cooker until it’s about half the height of the jar.


Pressure cook on high for 40 minutes.


Let out the steam and open the cooker. Carefully remove the jar that contains your weed. Beware, it’s going to be very hot. Your buds should have changed color slightly and look a little bit dry.


Add a stick of melted butter to your buds, mix it all up and put it back in the pot.


Pressure cook on high for 20 minutes.


Let the steam release on the “keep warm” setting for 40 minutes.


Now remove your jar once again, very carefully. Strain the butter to separate the plant material and voila! You have a very potent weed butter!


This really is one of the best cannabutter recipes because it’s so much faster than using a stove top. And you don’t have to decarboxylate in the oven first! Now you can smear it on toast, fry your vegetables in it or go ahead and use it to make cookies or brownies. Enjoy your weed butter!


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