How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Workout Routine

by greenrush
workout routine

The general stoner stereotype would have you believe that cannabis users like to sit around playing video games and eating Doritos. However, there are plenty of cannabis enthusiasts who love to lead healthy lifestyles. You might think that using marijuana is restricted to those lazy, indulgent Sundays where you have nothing to do. But did you know that hemp seeds contain loads of protein? And did you know that cannabis can be the perfect muscle relaxant after a hard gym session? Stress plus rest equals progress, guys. Yes, weed does fit into your workout routine.


And it doesn’t just fit. It can make things exponentially better if used in the right ways. This isn’t about chowing down on a brownie before hitting the gym just to mess around with some friends. Using cannabis with exercise is about having just the right amount in the perfect products to compliment your hard labor.


Using cannabis pre-workout

workout routine

There is a certain amount of controversy involved when it comes to using cannabis before a workout. For some, pre-workout cannabis use can be demotivational. Using cannabis before your workout routine is all about the amount consumed and the method of consumption.


Vape instead of smoking


Smoking isn’t the only way to consume marijuana, especially these days. Inhaling combusted materials necessarily means ingesting carcinogenic material, even with cannabis. And this can actually fatigue the muscles before a workout. So if you want to use cannabis before you work out, try vaping instead of smoking. And go easy on the dosages. A small amount of marijuana can increase physical sensitivity during a workout without making you completely stoned.


A little bit goes a long way. In small doses, marijuana can help you relax enough to get focused. Yes, when you’re a little bit relaxed - without being sleepy - you are better able to focus on a task at hand, such as a workout routine. So don’t overdo it if you choose to get high before a workout.


Cannabis protein shake

workout routine

Protein shakes are perfect before a workout. They give your body the extra oomph to push harder and build muscle strength. And what do you know? Hemp seeds contain loads of protein. Next time you’re preparing your protein shake, add some hemp seeds. They won’t make you high, but they’ll certainly get your muscles going.


There are some protein bites and bars available in dispensaries that contain cannabis strains that will actually get you high. These are also good to use so long as you’ve figured out your dosage (we talked about the importance of this already). This kind of pre-workout makes for a very interesting workout routine. Remember, it’s worth checking the sugar content of these products - you don’t want to be undoing all your hard work at the gym.


Raw cannabis smoothie

workout routine

Talk about a health kick. When cannabis is raw (undried, uncured and freshly picked), it is a superfood. In fact, your body is able to absorb much higher volumes of the cannabinoid, THC-A when it has not been converted to THC. And THC-A still has all of the super awesome health benefits that you love about THC. So if you’re not too fussed about getting high, enjoy a raw cannabis juice or smoothie a couple of hours before your workout.


Using cannabis post-workout


There are a number of ways to incorporate cannabis into your post-workout routine. This relies on marijuana’s ability to relax your muscles. Relaxation after a workout routine is essential to a successful exercise regime because your body continues to burn fat even after you’re done exercising. Also, without a proper rest, you’re not as productive for the next workout session.


Use topical relief

workout routine

Marijuana is good for your insides and outsides. And it is effective as a topical treatment. If you’re experiencing soreness or stiffness, topical application can offer relief. Use it on the whole body or just on the affected areas.


There are many different kinds of topical treatments available in dispensaries. Some of them have cooling effects, such as CBD Elite Muscle Freeze. Some of them are available for use in the bathtub (which is also another great way to relax post-workout), such as Omedibles Epsom Salt and Mineral Soak. All of these products are designed to be absorbed through the skin to provide topical relief to your muscles.


Get as high as you like


Cannabis is often praised as a muscle relaxant. That’s why it is effective at treating muscle spasticity, especially in children who have epilepsy. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. So, post workout and pre-sleep is a great time to get as high as you like. As THC and CBD enter your bloodstream, they will help you to relax on both a physical and mental level. Cannabinoids will encourage an anti-inflammatory effect on stressed muscles and will also soothe any pain related to exercise. And a good sleep after a workout is invaluable.


Incorporating cannabis into your workout routine can be an exciting endeavor. Don’t worry if you don’t get it straight away; it might take some time to find out exactly how weed fits into your routine. Enjoy using cannabis as part of a healthy, balanced workout routine!


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