We Tried The Jelly Bean Challenge High

by greenrush
jelly bean challenge

Remember when you were in high school and your friends used to dare you to eat the most obnoxious thing ever? Well, the jelly bean challenge kind of brings us back to those days! Eating gross foods was fun when we were teenagers. But somehow, it’s even more fun when you’re a grown-up. And when you do it stoned, you’re entering whole new levels of enjoyment.



Watch Kari-Lee and Bailey play “Beanboozled” after smoking some freshly delivered pre-rolled joints. I can’t decide which would be more satisfying: actually playing the game yourself or watching these two stoner chicks take the challenge for you!


How does one take the jelly bean challenge exactly?

jelly bean challenge

Maybe this is or isn’t something that you experienced in your childhood at least once. It depends on how kind your parents were. But did your mother ever put a delicious smelling dinner on the table and tell you it was chicken. After a few bites, you start to get the suspicion that it might not really be chicken, only to find out in your adulthood that she was feeding you rabbit all along! Well, the jelly bean challenge is something like that.


If you don’t understand quite yet, some jelly bean challenge YouTube videos will probably shed some more light on how this game might operate. The jelly bean is always going to be one of two things, one of which is delicious and one of which is… pretty disgusting.


To the sober mind, this game might seem like child’s play. But to the minds of two stoned chicks, child’s play might be the only worthwhile thing in this world.


Buttered popcorn or barf?

jelly bean challenge

Imagine the only two choices you had in life were buttered popcorn or barf? I know which one I would choose. The jelly bean challenge, unfortunately, does not give you the liberty to make such choices. It makes the choices for you.


The jelly bean challenge rules go like this:


- Have your partner spin the card for you

- Read aloud the two possibilities of what your jelly bean flavor might be. Buttered popcorn or barf?

- Pray that you don’t have to eat a barf flavored jelly bean

- You must eat whichever one you get

- And of course, try to guess correctly, lest you enjoy the taste of barf flavored jelly beans forever


Why is this game fun, you might ask? Well, imagine being stoned and watching your best friend’s face as they eat a rotten egg flavored jelly bean. Some things in life are completely priceless.


Life is more fun with weed and jelly beans

jelly bean challenge

I can’t think of a better way to turn a very boring lunch date into a very funny one. Or maybe you’re just an awful cook and want to impress some of your friends. It would be unique, to say the least. The jelly bean challenge is fun, stoners! Don’t let the flavor of puke, rotten eggs or spoiled milk get you down! Just drink some water, smoke some more weed to wash it down, and keep chomping down on the jelly bean challenge!


So what are you waiting for? If this video doesn’t inspire you to get your hands on some good quality weed and take the jelly bean challenge, then you probably need to lighten up and take the jelly bean challenge!


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