Jimmy Buffett Is Launching His Own Medical Cannabis Line

by greenrush
jimmy buffett

If you haven't escaped to a tropical paradise, joint in hand and Jimmy Buffett playing in the background, chances are, your cannabis experience may be lacking. Now, Margaritaville's favorite musician is launching his very own line of medical marijuana.


Jimmy Buffett has signed a deal with Surterra Wellness to license his brand, Coral Reefer, to their company. He currently licenses his brand to various other businesses, including several restaurants and hotels.

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This new partnership will see products such as vapes, topicals, and tinctures emerge into the cannabis market and will be sold exclusively in Surterra Wellness stores.


In a statement from Surterra, Buffett said, "cannabis is good medicine and should be made available to all who need it."


"Surterra shares our vision of creating a cannabis wellness lifestyle brand the improves the health of millions of people around the world," said John Cohlan, Coral Reefer CEO.


Surterra currently has medical marijuana licenses in both Florida and Texas and was founded in 2014.


Surterra Wellness recently made headlines when William 'Beau' Wrigley, (yes, that Wrigley), joined the company as their new chairman. The former chairman of the famous chewing gum company joined Surterra in August, merely a month before the new partnership with Jimmy Buffett was announced.


Jimmy Buffett fans outside of Florida and Texas may have to wait to get their hands on his new medical marijuana line, however, Surterra does have plans to expand into other medically legal states.


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