Jordan Peele First Black Screenwriter To Win Best Original Screenplay

by greenrush

Oscar history was made like night when Jordan Peele was crowned winner of the coveted best original screenplay category at the famed Academy Awards last night. He is the first black screenwriter to receive the honor.

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His screenplay for "Get Out" won him the award and Peele was quick to thank those nearest and dearest to him. During his speech, he thanked the people "who raised my voice and let me make this movie."


Peele has been blazing a golden trail as of late and was the first black director to receive nominations in the writing, directing, and best picture categories for his directorial debut. According to the Academy, only two others have achieved such a marvelous feat; Warren Beatty with "Heaven Can Wait" (1978) and James L. Brooks with "Terms of Endearment" (1983).


When it comes to recognized directors and screenwriters, the film industry has been criticized for not promoting enough diversity, despite having many talented creators of all walks of life in its ranks.


Three black writers have had wins in the adapted screenplay category for, "Precious," "Twelve Years a Slave," and "Moonlight." It's important to note that these wins have all happened in the not so distant past.


Jordan Peele's "Get Out," is a social thriller that provides a compelling and thought-provoking take on race in the United States. It grossed $176 million domestically.


The film's main actor, Daniel Kaluuya, earned a nomination for best actor for his role in the film but lost to Gary Oldman for his role in "Darkest Hour."


The movie industry has faced somewhat of a re-birth in the past year. The #timesup and #metoo movements, sparked by some of Hollywood's most prominent names, have brought to light some of the industry's ugliest issues with sexual harassment and forced prominent figures to face the consequences of their actions. Women both within and outside of the industry are speaking out against sexual harassment and it seems the status quo across the board in Hollywood is shifting.


It's heartwarming to see more representation in some of film's most esteemed events and we hope the entertainment industry will only continue to grow and progress in the future.