Roll it Up! Planning the Perfect July 4th BBQ with Cannabis

by Jessica
4th of July east bay cannabis

The 4th of July is approaching. What better way to honor it than a BBQ in your backyard or local park and some cannabis? Ss you prepare to roll out your picnic blanket, think about the cannabis you want to roll up and smoke to create a memorable Independence Day.

We’ve got some recommendations to help you celebrate American independence with some smokable and edible cannabis treats in this post.

Get Your Flower Delivered

If you’re living in San Francisco, you can receive all your cannabis products—weed, chocolate and other edibles, and more—through delivery. This can save you both time and money. If you are new to ordering online, you can get first-time order discounts, and the dispensary will drop your products conveniently on your doorstep.

Some tips for ordering online include:

  • Sign up for emails as this will often get you additional savings
  • Read the reviews and effects of the strains you pick
  • Order now as dispensaries will be busy leading up to the 4th of July

Preparation: Roll it Up!

Once festivities are in full swing, you may not want to do anything besides celebrating. Minimize menial tasks and consider having some pre-rolls with you. You can roll them yourself or purchase pre-rolls if that makes things simpler for you.

You can also roll the night before. Plan to have some loose flower to vape if there will be children around and you wish to be more discreet. East Bay cannabis delivery services — like Green Rush!— offer much more than just flower though. We've got a complete line of weed chocolates, concentrates, and edibles ready for speedy delivery.

While planning your perfect BBQ, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your event include activities? If so, what types of activities are you planning? Do you need to stock up on topicals for your first aid kit?
  • Will you smoke, vape, or dab? What about your guests?
  • Instead of sharing joints (Hello COVID), should you instead stock up on party favors and edibles?

Consider what you plan to drink as well. There are many recipes online for 4th of July cocktails. This year, consider having a cannabis drink. As always, we love a good CANN Tonic. You can jazz these up with berries, fresh herbs, and citrus slices to garnish your cannabis cocktail.

Cannabis: Weed, Chocolate, and Other Edibles Through Online Delivery

Choose what you will enjoy most, and if you are hosting, consider having extra to share with your guests. If you are a novice, start low and go slow. If you are a more seasoned consumer, you may wish to try all the suggestions in this post.

What is On the Menu? A Perfect Pairing with Terpene Profiles

You can create a memorable experience by pairing your cannabis treats with your food. What are your favorite picnic foods? What will you be serving for snacks, your meal, and dessert?

Here are some tips on how to pair cannabis with food. Remember that some strains can give you the munchies, so be sure to bring enough food. After all, celebration and feasts go hand in hand.

  1. Know what you like and experiment.
  2. Think about garnishes and line these up with terpene profiles. For example, if a wedge of lemon goes well with a dish, a strain with limonene would also compliment it.
  3. Balance flavors with the nose of a strain. You can use a more skunky or earthy strain to calm the sweetness of a dessert or use a strain with a more herbal scent to enhance the flavors of meats, fish, and other savory dishes.
  4. Match flavor profiles. For example, a dessert with strawberries would go well with a fruit-scented strain like Strawberry Fields Sativa from Bloom Farms.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Dessert is a necessary part of any celebration. Some people refer to their post-meal toke as an “after-dinner mint.”  So why not have those handy! Kiva Petra Mints are the perfect palette cleanser. You may consider cleansing your palate with a puff before dessert.

Closing Down the Party

As the festivities draw to a close, some edibles could help you calm your excitement and prepare you for a good night’s rest. Even better, why not something specifically designed to promote a good night's sleep? Absolute Xtracts Sleepytime Capsules are our usual nighttime sleep aid, and we can attest to just how effective they are!

Plan accordingly, so by the time they take effect, you are back in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Cannabis Delivers the Perfect the 4th of July Barbecue

Take the time to plan your celebration by ordering your cannabis treats ahead of time, choosing your menu of food, drink, and activity, and surround yourself with those you love.

Happy the 4th of July!