5 Products From LA Kush You Didn’t Know You Needed

by greenrush
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If you live in Los Angeles but have never paid a visit to LA Kush, you really didn’t know how much you need this dispensary in your life. This Los Angeles gem stocks some of the most delicious buds ever to grace the shelves of California dispensaries. And there are some in particular that we think you need to get your hands on.


Don’t be shy at LA Kush. They love to share quality weed products with the public, whether you are a medical or recreational user. The consistency of quality at LA Kush is premium, and you’ll be eager to get home to get chewing through your fresh buds.


The OG Los Angeles Kush

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This one is for anyone who likes to keep things OG. If you step into LA Kush, you must try the OG Los Angeles Kush. It’s strong. For those who love a potent indica, this strain will tickle you in all the right places. I mean, the THC percentage pushes 27% on this strain which means you’ll want to take it easy. It is highly sedative and will probably usher you into one of the most restful states you’ve ever been in.


OG LA Kush has a citrusy, earthy aroma and is extremely pungent - just what you might expect from a potent Kush strain. There is nothing lacking about LAK, a strain of weed you didn’t even know you needed in your life.


The LA Kush Federal Reserve OG

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Southern California just loves to produce those indica goods, doesn’t it? The Federal Reserve OG at LA Kush is nothing short of delicious. Piney, gassy and skunky, it literally reeks of good dope. This is one of those strains that you take home for some personal time with Mary Jane. Definitely leave this one aside if you plan to go out dancing.


No pain, stress or anxiety is a match for the LAK Federal Reserve OG. It’s perfect for the end of a stressful work week, or for wrapping up a big weekend.


Strawberry Blondie

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There’s a reason that LA Kush is one of the best dispensaries in LA. Strawberry Blondie is one of those marijuana anomalies that actually smells and tastes like its name suggests. When your weed is fruitier than your fruit juice, you know something special is up.


The smell of strawberry will linger around long after you finish smoking it. The smell even comes creeping out of the bag to give you a precursor of what’s to come. This hybrid strain is known for its introspective mental high and gentle physical buzz. When it starts to taper down, you can enjoy a deep state of relaxation.


Los Angeles Kush Super Sour Diesel 1g Cartridge

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Now we’re talking about a powerful sativa. Super Sour Diesel comes from a very fine genetic line of Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, and this phenotype really is the best combination of the two. In perfect sativa form, this strain should energize you for the day ahead giving you a social, creative and euphoric flow.


For those who love to vape rather than smoke, this cartridge is the perfect way to treat yourself after your next paycheque.


JetFuel OG

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Strains like this are the reason why LA Kush is so special when it comes to LA dispensaries. Jet Fuel is the ultimate genetic concoction of the best Diesel strains ever to have blessed the USA. If you’re looking to get fueled, this strain might be it.


Although it’s a hybrid strain, it is fully loaded with the high-energy hit that you get from a good quality sativa. This strain will have you gently drifting off into the relaxing, gentle world of the mind’s imagination.


Don’t miss out on any of these products if you step foot into LA Kush, one of the best cannabis treasures of Los Angeles.


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