11 Las Vegas Cannabis Products You’ll Want To Have On Hand This Summer

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s prime season in Vegas. To help you celebrate the warm weather, here are 11 Las Vegas cannabis products perfect for enjoying summer in Sin City.

Deep Roots Harvest Lemon Chillers

las vegas cannabis


Looking for a refreshing sweet treat? These Lemon Chiller Hard Candies are perfect. Made by Deep Roots Harvest in Mesquite, NV, these little candies contain roughly 10mg of THC per piece. They are super easy to dose and deliver a long-lasting, balanced euphoria that’s perfect for making the most of a summer day.

Order yours from Jenny’s North Las Vegas.

MarQaha Fruit Punch FlasQ

las vegas cannabis


This fruit punch tastes as good as it sounds. Each bottle contains a total of 90mg of THC and 90mg CBD and comes with a dose cap (3 caps are equal to one 10mg dose). Made with all natural fruit juice, MarQaha Fruit Punch is the perfect way to stay hydrated and refreshed in the summer heat.

Order your MarQaha Fruit Punch FlasQ from Jenny’s North Las Vegas.  

Hope Cannabrew Cold Brew Coffee

las vegas cannabis


Love to wake and bake? This cold brew coffee by Hope is all you need to start off a summer day properly. It comes in an 8oz bottle, contains a total of 50mg of THC, and is designed to be taken in small doses like an espresso shot or mixed into other food/drinks.

Get your Cannabrew from Jenny’s North Las Vegas now.

Vader Sativa Jackpot Joint

las vegas cannabis


These Vader Sativa pre-rolls are made with top-shelf flower and come in a sealed container to keep them fresh. Light one up in the afternoon sun and end your summer day the right way.

Get your Vader Sativa Jackpoint Joint delivered from Jenny’s North Las Vegas.

MarQaha Black Tea Lemonade FlasQ

las vegas cannabis


This is another awesome cannabis-infused drink by MarQaha. Made with real iced black tea, this FlasQ is super refreshing and uplifting. Either enjoy it on its own or use it to add an extra kick to your regular iced tea to stay refreshed this summer.

Available now from all the best Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries, like Jenny’s in Henderson.

Cannahemp Citrus Blossom CBD Lotion

las vegas cannabis


Taking care of your skin is super important, especially if you plan on soaking up the summer sun. Luckily, this citrus blossom CBD lotion makes summer skin care super simple. Made with real CBD extract and all-natural organic oils, it’s the perfect way to moisturize your skin after a long day in the sun.

Order it delivery from Jenny’s Henderson.

Cotton Candy Crush

las vegas cannabis


Sometimes all you need to unwind and enjoy summer is some great flower. One of our favorite Las Vegas cannabis strains at the moment is this Cotton Candy Crush from Jenny’s in Henderson. A mid-strength indica-dominant strain, this flower is just what you need to unwind in the summer heat.

Get Cotton Candy Crush delivered from Jenny’s Henderson today.

Caramel Waffle Indica

las vegas cannabis


If Cotton Candy Crush doesn’t tickle your fancy, this Caramel Waffle Indica will. Thanks to its indica genetics, it’ll produce long-lasting sedative effects that are perfect for dealing with medical symptoms like pain or just relaxing after a particularly stressful day. Enjoy it in the afternoon sun and you’ll feel your stress melt away in a matter of minutes.

Order Caramel Waffle Indica from great Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries like Essence in Henderson.

Strawberry Daiquiri Kurupt’s Moonrocks

las vegas cannabis


Moonrocks are made by taking a top-shelf flower, coating it in sticky butane hash oil, covering it with extra-fine kief, and flavoring it with natural ingredients. If you want to enjoy summer with something extra potent, these Strawberry Daiquiri Moonrocks are perfect.

Get Kurupt’s Strawberry Daiquiri Moonrocks delivered from Essence in Henderson today.

Island Mini’s Green Crack

las vegas cannabis


Wish you could spend summer on a tropical island? Light up one of these delicious Island Minis, close your eyes, and you just might find yourself there. Made with legendary Green Crack cannabis, these minis are perfect for soaking up the summer sun and kicking up your feet.

Get yours from Essence On The Strip.

Cannabella Olive Oil

las vegas cannabis


Last but not least on our list of Las Vegas cannabis products is this delicious olive oil from Cannabella. Made with top-shelf cannabis, this delicious oil is the best way to spice up your summer dishes with a healthy dose of cannabinoids.

Get it delivered from Essence On The Strip now.

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