5 Los Angeles Weed Products You Have To Try

by greenrush
los angeles weed

California is the home of some of the best cannabis in the world. There seems to be something about the soil in California that makes it the mecca for cannabis breeders and strain hunters. So there’s no wonder that Los Angeles weed is some of the best that you can try. Dispensaries in LA are stocked with some pretty fancy cannabis products that we think you need to know about. So we’ve put together this list of 5 products you can score in LA that should get your canna-taste buds salivating.


Habit Sparkling Raspberry Beverage

los angeles weed

It’s nice to have cannabis infused into something to drink, but you’re often limited to choosing sugary sodas that are… well - a chemical nightmare. If you want to medicate but you want to be health conscious at the same time, Habit Sparkling Raspberry is made with all natural fruit extracts. It’s low in sugar and solvent free. Oh, and the most important part - it’s infused with 100mg of well-refined shatter oil.


This is one of those great ways to chill out on a sunny day in LA. This drink is tasty and refreshing, and guaranteed to give you a better buzz than a sugar high!


Dosist Arouse Vape Pen

los angeles weed

Dosist’s (formerly known as hmbldt) line of vape pens made it to Time’s 25 Best Inventions of 2016, so there’s something to be said about that. They have a vape pen for almost anything, including sleep and bliss. There’s also a very special one called Arouse, dedicated to the art of having sex. It contains 500mg of THC and CBD, and the special concoction of cannabinoids is designed to get you (and your partner) sufficiently aroused.


This preloaded vape pen is supposed to house 200 puffs of concentrated marijuana, so for $100, it’s not a bad deal. The recommended dosage is 3 puffs per hour so that you and your lover don’t get too stoned to have sex. A controlled dosage is always necessary if you’re about to get high before love-making! There’s no doubt that you need to try this Los Angeles marijuana product.


Lowell Smokes Top Shelf Flower

los angeles weed

The Lowell Smokes Top Shelf Flower boxes are prepackaged herb. They contain only the best quality Los Angeles cannabis. In fact, Lowell Smokes swears that their products are grown with organic fertilizers and are never exposed to synthetic pesticides. From seed to weed, Lowell Smokes makes ethics and sustainability their highest priority.


Lowell’s promise to goodness is a solid one, and their buds are tasty and effective. You can also purchase Lowell Smokes pre-rolled products, that use the same top shelf buds.


THC Bomb - Live Resin Sauce

los angeles weed

This delicacy really is the bomb of Los Angeles weed delivery products. Created by Fresh Off The Buds, this live resin sauce is made with their signature strain, THC Bomb. As you can imagine, this product is made for die-hard THC lovers and is not recommended for softies.


Fresh Off The Buds has dedicated a lot of their time and expertise to perfect the method of extraction so that you get the best experience out of concentrates. The effect of THC Bomb is knockout, and none of the flavors are compromised in the process of extraction. A great dabbing sauce for those who like to have a knockout kind of marijuana experience.


The Sloth Thai Stick

los angeles weed

We thought we’d finish off this list with one of the bad boys of Los Angeles ganja. This is the kind of pre-rolled blunt you only buy for special occasions - unless you’re as much a bad boy or girl as this blunt is. At $100 for a single blunt, you definitely won’t be sucking this one down alone.


Each Sloth Thai Stick is made with 1.75 grams of organic outdoor herb (True OG, Tina Danza, Green Queen or Super Lemon Haze), which is then wrapped in ½ gram of nug run wax, which is then rolled in ½ gram of bubble hash by Push Weight Extracts (either OG 18 or Pineapple strains), and then, for the finale, is dunked in a huge kief mountain (either Trinity or Timewarp strains). Is your brain a drooling mess just thinking about it? Ours is!


This thing is designed to get you high - in the most intense way. The person you decide to share this beauty with will never forget it!


Los Angeles weed has it figured out. If you’re not from LA, this article should be enough inspiration to visit and get your hands on some delicious Californian bud!


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