These Low Dose Cannabis Products Are Perfect For Warmer Weather

by greenrush
low dose cannabis

Summer is on its way to the United States of America! While winter is all about comfort foods, comfort cannabis, and hibernation, the summertime calls for something a little bit lighter. Low dose cannabis is the perfect way to enjoy being high this summer while you hang out under the hot, American sun.


Whether you’re going to be celebrating the summer at festivals or on the beach, keep yourself safe and relaxed by keeping the doses under control with these low dose cannabis products!


Sublingual Spray from ShowGrow Long Beach

low dose cannabis

Potters Cannabis Co./Facebook


Inconspicuous low dose cannabis is perfect for summer parties and festivals. Potter’s Spearmint Sublingual Spray packs 500mg of THC into each bottle and only 10 mg into each spray, allow you to dose carefully and control the amount of THC you’re using.


Whether you’re going to be using this spray for a gentle buzz, or to ease the pain from those no-so-comfortable shoes after a night on the dancefloor, it’s a great product for low dosages. It’s easy to take and deliciously minty, too. You can get this product at ShowGrow in Long Beach, California - right before you head to the beach to work on that summer tan!


Honey Lemon Ginger Micros from Compassionate Bay Delivery

low dose cannabis

Stokes Confections


Microdosing cannabis has never been so easy. These days, there are a myriad of brands offering a variety of low dose cannabis products to their consumers.


These Honey Lemon Ginger Micros come with 5mg of THC in each piece, with a total of 20 pieces per pack. Sucking on them gets the fastest result, but they are also easily dissolvable in tea or hot water.


A low dose candy is especially convenient if you’re heading to a festival this year. Discreet and enjoyable, these Honey Lemon Ginger Micros will help you cruise through the entire event.


Kiva Blueberry Bites from Left Coast Collective

low dose cannabis

Kiva Confections


If you want a low dose edible that’s equally as delicious as it is effective, Kiva will not disappoint. Our recommendation is the Blueberry Bites, which pack 5mg of THC into a blueberry chocolate treat. The pack comes with 20 bites, resulting in a total of 100mg of THC per packet.


HealTHCare Granola Bar from Fast And Friendly

low dose cannabis



For those of us in Orange County, Fast and Friendly stocks the must-try HealTHCare Granola Bar. This delicious treat is vegan, gluten-free and packed with superfoods. The entire bar contains 100mg of THC so, if you’re planning on microdosing, we recommend cutting the bar into 10 equal pieces.


The Dollar Dose ($1 Dose) from Compassionate Bay Delivery

low dose cannabis



Whoever said a dollar doesn’t buy you anything these days clearly hasn’t been to Compassionate Bay Delivery. Each of these Dollar Dose Lozenges contains 10mg of THC, a perfect dose for those heading to a festival or spending the day out in the sun. For just a buck, this low dose cannabis product will help bring in that summertime high you’ve been looking forward to.


Enjoy this summer with these low dose cannabis products. Being too high under the hot summer sun can be an uncomfortable experience, so remember to dose carefully, stay hydrated, and practice sun safety!


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