Man Sprints Out Of Busted Cannabis Farm Holding A Plant On Live TV

by greenrush
cannabis farm

You may wonder what happens to all those plants when a cannabis farm gets shut down. Are they destroyed? Are they moved somewhere else? Perhaps it's like the end of summer at a garden center and plants are sold to anyone who will take them? Many are joking that's what one man in Kent, United Kingdom thought after an illegal cannabis factory was busted running out of a quaint thatched cottage.

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Local news anchor, Cameron Tucker was covering the busted cannabis farm live for KMTV, the local news station when he got a little more than he bargained for. In a hilarious turn of events, a young man appears in the background carrying, of all things, a potted plant. As soon as he spots the camera crew, he breaks into a sprint and rushes out of view of the camera crew.


The news presenter seems unfazed by the young man and, though he watches him sprint off, calmly continues his broadcast, despite the suspicious nature of what just happened.

Now, a skeptic would suggest that the events conveniently caught on camera were staged and, while it does sound probable, crazier things have happened. The news anchor has also insisted that what happened was a genuine turn of events.


The cannabis farm in question was being run by Kent couple Yvette and Neil Hartley. The pair both pleaded guilty to producing a Class B drug at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday, May 14. The couple claimed to be growing the plants for their own use and that the cannabis produced would be used to make cannabis oil to treat cancer.


Each of the pair was given a 22-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work. The couple has since moved from the location of their busted cannabis farm and has been ordered to remain at their home under a 12-week night-time curfew.


As for the man with the huge potted plant? It remains unclear what type of plant the young man was carrying or if it even has any relation to the cannabis farm at all. Kent police have said they are aware of the footage but are not aware of any news crimes being committed. Was the man genuinely doing a bit of gardening or was he a neighbor with a sharp sense of humor?


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