Spice Up Your Holiday Décor with This Marijuana Christmas Wreath

by greenrush
marijuana christmas wreath

Oh yes, you read that right. This holiday season, it’s high-time you upgraded that old, super-traditional wreath for something a little more innovative. One California company is selling a marijuana Christmas wreath that puts all other holiday wreaths to shame.


Henry’s Original is offering this smokin’ (not to mention, beautifully festive) marijuana Christmas wreath perfect for your front door. Crafted by Los Angeles florist, Amy Nicole Floral, each wreath is custom, hand-made and contains one ounce of Henry’s finest sun-grown Mendocino flowers as well as a variety of other aromatic plants and fruits.


“Our limited-edition, custom wreaths are handcrafted with various types of eucalyptus, evergreen, dried wheat and grasses, moss, berries and pine cones,” they say on their website.


Under current California law (we’re not quite recreational yet), you do need a valid medical marijuana card to pick one of these beauties up. Make sure you’re committed as one wreath will set you back about $400! However, the materials used are known for drying well so you can expect to get a few uses out of the wreath. That is, provided you don’t celebrate January 1 by, you know, smoking the whole thing.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Christmas-themed cannabis products this year either. This marijuana advent calendar has caused quite a stir in Canada with its manufacturers not being able to keep up with the sheer demand for the (admittedly brilliant) product.


And this is just the beginning. With California set to go recreationally legal in just a matter of weeks, there will no doubt be a flood of seasonal themed cannabis products to keep your eyes out for next year. If you live in California, you may be seeing a marijuana Christmas wreath (or Thanksgiving or Valentines) on a door near you very soon.


Happy Holidaze!