Marijuana Growers, You Need To Know These 5 Industry Tips

by greenrush
marijuana growers

The cannabis industry is literally on fire. And as the market for legal cannabis grows, it’s giving way to huge, professional cannabis grows the likes of which we’ve never seen before. In this article, we’re going to share 5 key tips for marijuana growers from the industry’s best cannabis growers.


1. Know The Law... Inside Out

marijuana growers

Image courtesy of CQF-Avocat (Pexels).


The cannabis industry is a legal minefield. Hence, whenever you’re planning to grow your own weed, it’s absolutely crucial you know the local laws on cultivation.


So, before you start thinking about what equipment you’re going to buy or what strains you’ll grow, make sure you read up on your local state laws and how they’ll affect your operation.


Then, once you understand the local law, make sure you stick to it. Even the most liberal states have strict regulations for growing cannabis at home and you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything by the book from the minute you germinate your seeds all the way through to harvest.


2. Network Like A Boss

marijuana growers


Networking is super important for all industries, and the cannabis market is no different. In fact, because the cannabis industry is made up of such a tight-knit community, we believe networking might be more important in the cannabis business than in other markets.


So, as marijuana growers, make sure you actively get out and meet other growers in your area. This can include big-shot cultivators at legal cannabis farms or regular hobby growers with a passion for cultivating cannabis.


A great place to meet these people is at dispensary events, grow workshops (sometimes held at specific grow shops) or major cannabis conferences. Don’t be shy to attend these events and reach out to other like-minded growers out there. You never know where they might lead you.


3. Be Precise!

marijuana growers


Whether you’re a rookie working towards your first harvest or a veteran cultivator with a proper green thumb, here’s one tip all professional marijuana growers will agree with: When it comes to managing your grow, be precise about everything you’re doing.


From the nutrients you’re feeding your plants to your soil composition and everything in between, make sure you’re precise and accurate in what you’re doing. If, for example, you’re changing over to a nutrient solution, be precise in your measurements to ease your plants into the transition.


Remember, there’s a big difference between professional, commercial cannabis cultivation and the “garage grow” tactics you might have learned as a beginner. To really step up your grow game, precision is key.


4. Focus On Quality

marijuana growers

Image courtesy of Martijn (Flickr).


Yield is obviously a really important topic for cannabis growers. From conversations on grow forums to strain descriptions, the amount of weed you’ll get per plant is on every grower's mind.


However, most professional marijuana growers will tell you that there is something more important than the quantity of weed you’re growing. And that’s the quality of that weed. Most professional growers will prefer pumping out smaller yields of top-shelf bud than big harvests of mediocre stuff. And so should you.


Just like in many other industries, the end consumer or patient is what drives business in the cannabis market. And most end consumers don’t really care how much weed you’re producing. Instead, they’re much more interested in the quality of that weed. Focus on giving them the best quality bud you're able to produce and it will pay off.


5. Document What You’re Doing

marijuana growers

Image courtesy of Tookapic.


If there’s one tip to add to your marijuana growers guide, let it be this one because, unfortunately, documentation hardly ever gets a mention in discussions among cannabis cultivators, so it's a great way to help set you apart as a grower.


Documentation is, you guessed it, all about documenting your steps. In tip #3 on this list, we mentioned the importance of being precise as a grower, and this goes hand-in.hand with that idea.


In order to be a better, more productive grower and pump out better quality produce, you need to have a clear idea of what you’re doing, what works, and what doesn’t. And documentation lets you do exactly that.


Make sure to document your growing process from seed all the way through to harvest. Do this from the get-go and it’ll be much easier to modify your grow strategy in the future, or even scale up your operation once the time comes.


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