Marijuana vs Alcohol: 8 Reasons Why Weed is Safer For You

by greenrush
marijuana vs alcohol

Alcohol has been legal in the United States since the end of prohibition in 1933. However, marijuana was criminalized shortly after in 1937. Curiously, most cannabis detractors are in fact supporters of alcohol consumption, but who has the moral high ground here? We’ve decided to take a look at the the marijuana vs alcohol debate for ourselves.


1. Be the life of the party, without the next-day regrets

marijuana vs alcohol

Have you ever woken up wishing you hadn’t had those tequila shots? Yep, that’s a hangover. Most of us have experienced the not-so-glamorous morning after a big night out. You may have even sworn you’d never drink again. Passing a joint around with your friends won’t leave you feeling like death the next day but, depending what you’re smoking, you can still get that social buzz to get the party going. Just make sure you’re drinking lots of water, either way.


2. Avoid blackouts

marijuana vs alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol can result in sections of lost time. There are countless numbers of people who have gotten a little too liberal with the booze, only to not be able to remember stripping naked and running through the streets. Those photos on Facebook may be a constant (and unwanted) reminder of the night’s events but wouldn’t you rather remember it for yourself?


3. It’s impossible to overdose on marijuana


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The dangers of alcohol consumption aren’t exactly a secret. Statistics show that around 3.3 million liquor-related deaths occur yearly around the world. How many people die from a marijuana overdose per year? The answer is 0. Don’t believe us? Watch this YouTuber take 100 hits in a row and make it out unharmed. Consuming too much alcohol can also lead to several diseases and severe liver damage. When it comes to marijuana vs alcohol, the risk of alcohol poisoning gives weed a point every time.


4. Better sex

marijuana vs alcohol

Both alcohol and cannabis can increase sexual desire. However, if you’re looking for a better time in the bedroom department, studies have shown that weed increases sensitivity and produces more intense orgasms. Alcohol has also been known to cause sexual dysfunction in some people as it can cause a ‘blocking’ effect on blood vessels and nerves.


5. Looking for that beach body?

marijuana vs alcohol

If you’re looking to get in shape for bikini season, a cocktail may actually be riskier than smoking a joint. Don’t let the munchies deter you; whilst it is true that weed smokers on average consume 600 more calories per day than non-weed smokers, they are 33% less likely to become obese. Think of it this way, if you’re counting the calories, would you rather have a beer or a brownie?


6. Smoke and chill

marijuana vs alcohol

Multiple studies have linked alcohol consumption to aggressive and violent behavior. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and makes you more likely to act on your impulses (that explains the urge to call your ex after a few drinks.) It can also reduce your ability to process information, which can lead to misunderstandings with other people which can result in fights. Depending on the strain of weed you’re smoking, you’re more likely to spend the night in a state of relaxation, taking that punch up off the agenda.


7. Cannabis has been proven to provide medical relief

marijuana vs alcohol

There’s a reason it’s called medical marijuana. Weed has been proven to provide much-needed relief for a variety of conditions. It can dramatically reduce the number of seizures for patients who suffer from severe forms of epilepsy and has been used to treat anxiety and PTSD.


8. Marijuana vs alcohol addiction

marijuana vs alcohol

Contrary to what some politicians might believe, smoking marijuana does not lead to physical addiction. According to studies, marijuana is only addictive by use (similar to chocolate.) On the other hand, alcohol has an addiction rate of close to 15%, which is only 2% lower than the addiction rate of heroin.


Next time you want to get a buzz on, consider going for the green stuff over the liquid courage. If anything, your body will definitely thank you. When it comes to marijuana vs alcohol, there’s no doubt that weed is safer for you.


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