Massachusetts Pot Aficionados Roll 100-Foot-Long Joint

by greenrush
100-foot-long joint

Boston-based cannabis club and advocacy group Beantown Greentown (points for the name) rolled a 100-foot-long joint during an exhibition of pro-marijuana vendors and supporters at the DCU Center in Worcester on Saturday.


Thousands of people attended the Harvest Cup, the largest cannabis exhibition in New England and were clamoring to take selfies with the record-breaking joint as it was revealed.


But how did these cannabis aficionados achieve such a spectacular feat? Apparently, those involved have perfected a secret rolling technique. We don’t know about you but that’s a secret we’d pay to be in on.


Members of Beantown Greentown reportedly used 1,000 grams of their own pot trimmings to completely the ginormous joint. The joint took 40 people, 300 yards of rolling paper and a month and a half to complete. Greentown is also confident that the joint is long enough to make the Guinness World Book of Records.


According to the Telegram & Gazette, 55-year-old Denise Fournier, of Gardner, MT, was the first to ask the question on everybody’s mind: “When are you going to light it up?”


There are plans to smoke the 100-foot-long masterpiece, however, a lighter won’t cut it. Greentown plans to use a blowtorch and a vacuum in order to be able to smoke the joint.


Last year, Massachusetts voted to legalize the possession and consumption of marijuana. Currently, the Cannabis Control Commission is drafting regulations to govern the sale of cannabis within the state. The state made headlines when it posted a job opening for a full-time cannabis inspector with a salary of over $40,000 per year.


The Harvest Cup is Massachusetts’s premier cannabis festival and vendors and enthusiasts came from all over in anticipation for legal pot shops to open up within the state next summer.


Need to see the 100-foot-long  joint for yourself? You can watch the full video here: