Mexican Authorities Seize Giant Weed Launching Bazooka

by greenrush

One Mexican cartel has been getting pretty creative with their ideas for smuggling drugs across the border. Earlier this month, Mexican authorities caught the cartel using a massive bazooka to launch bags of pot over the border and into the United States. Looks like Trump's wall might not quite cut it after all. Not that we're surprised.


The Mexican Ministry of National Defence and the CIA confiscated a van containing more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition, 800 kilograms of marijuana and, of course, a giant, homemade bazooka made for rocket-launching weed across the border. The smugglers had been shooting 45-kilogram parcels of drugs from the border town of Agua Prieta, situated next to Arizona.


Whilst this method may sound a little Looney-Tunes (emphasis on the looney), the Mexican cartel isn't the only ones who have had to resort to admittedly creative measures to transport drugs. Other toys smugglers have been using include high-tech drones. They’ve even been used to smuggle drugs into prisons.


This isn’t the first weed bazooka authorities have found in Agua Prieta either. A similar device was found back in 2016, however authorities aren’t sure if it’s the same group responsible for weed bazooka 2.0.


The discussion surrounding Trump’s proposed wall along the United States – Mexico border has been ramping up. Whilst Trump wants to make the wall taller, notable companies are buying up sections of the border to stop the thing going up at all. Wall or no wall, it seems drug cartels are preparing for the worst and taking inspiration from the movies to make sure their packages get delivered. Regardless, this will be an interesting chapter for the history books.


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