Police blame missing cannabis on mice

by greenrush
Missing Cannabis

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With half a ton of missing cannabis unaccounted for, 8 Argentinian police officers laid blame on hungry mice.



Stored in Pilar, Argentina, the missing cannabis was noticed after Buenos Aires' new police commissioner authorized an inspection of the warehouse. The previous commissioner, Javier Specia, had left 13,000 pounds of cannabis unsigned when stepping down one year prior.



6,000kg was originally deposited into the warehouse. Upon inspection, only 5,460kg remained. The missing 540kg nowhere to be seen, the accused police officers made sure their stories matched.



Specia and three police officers have been called before a judge. The judge's aim: to find out if the missing cannabis was the result of police negligence.



The four officers told the same story: the missing cannabis was due to hungry mice.



Meanwhile, Buenos Aires food experts say the officers' claim is impossible. According to them, there's no way mice would ever mistake weed for food.



If the mice were truly responsible, there'd be a huge pileup of dead rodents in the warehouse.



The case suggests the 8 officers involved had sold the missing cannabis. In Argentina, marijuana is decriminalized for personal use in small amounts.



Things get worse for former commissioner Specia, as he's already facing an internal police investigation. The issue: he failed to present his 2017 sworn income statement.



This doesn't bode well for a foursome whose careers and reputations are on the line. If claims they sold the weed are true, they would have amassed a small fortune.



If their claim is true, the streets of Buenos Aires are now covered with disoriented mice looking for munchies.



It's safe to say the officers blamed missing homework on their dog throughout grade school.



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