Mike Tyson Plans To Open A 40 Acre Cannabis Ranch In California

by greenrush
mike tyson

Weed is now recreationally legal in the state of California and some prominent names are among those looking to cash in. Mike Tyson, the boxer-turned-actor, and all-around cannabis enthusiast announced on Monday that he is currently in the process of opening his own marijuana ranch in California.

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Tyson broke ground on the land back on December 20. The land is located in California City, a desert location about two hours north of Los Angeles and spans 40 acres. Tyson’s plans for the land are ambitious, not to mention downright exciting, as he plans to covert the land into a one-stop cannabis shop and amusement park.


So far, it has yet to be seen the exact shape in which the ranch will take form. It’s been unofficially dubbed ‘Tyson Ranch’ by the champion himself as well as his business partners, Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen. Whether the current name will stick or not remains to be seen, as well as the official grand opening for the ranch.


The three together form the company 'Tyson Holistics' and the term ‘Iron Mike Genetics’ has also been trademarked for branding purposes.


Hickman spoke to The Blast, noting that the ranch “will allow master growers to have maximum control over their environment”. There are plans to dedicate half of the ranch land to the cultivation of high-quality cannabis strains alone. There will also be space for shows and presentations, an edible factory and a “Tyson Cultivation School”, aimed at teaching growers the latest when it comes to successful marijuana cultivation.


Mike Tyson also plans to give back through the ranch. The location of the land is near Edwards Air Force Base and Tyson plans to employ mainly veterans in the hopes of creating an abundance of jobs for the men and women who have served in the armed forces.


Mike Tyson is among several notable figures who have expressed their support for cannabis legalization over the years. Many are cashing in on recreational legalization in California. Could Tyson Ranch be but the first of many similar facilities in California?