Monika Lewinsky Has A Strain Of Weed Named After Her

by greenrush
monika lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky has a strain of weed named after her. A Washington-state based cannabis producer called Sugarleaf has created a strain of weed named after the famous figure and even better, the woman behind the namesake has discovered it.


On Thursday night, Lewinsky tweeted out a photo of the Sugarleaf hybrid weed in a jar accompanied by a series of eye and hand-pointing emojis. It seems she’s pretty excited about the discovery.


The product doesn’t seem to be immediately available on Sugarleaf’s website, however, their social media suggests that the Monika Lewinsky strain seems to have been around for quite some time. This particular hybrid flower goes for around $140 per 14grams.


Lewinsky seems to be handling the unique rebranding of her name with good fun, saying on Twitter that she had been talking to a friend on Friday morning about having a “party just for the party favors!”


We're not sure if Monika's taken a look at Sugarleaf's social media but they've been pretty loose with the Monika Lewinsky jokes. Perhaps they might have a better shot at promoting the stain now that they're on the famous figure's radar.



We can’t say we’d be opposed to getting high with Monika Lewinsky or anyone really who has a strain of weed named after them.